Operation Baghdad Pups

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Barked: Sat Jun 6, '09 9:34am PST 
As you all know the war has affected many persons lives,but it has also affected the lives of many pets.Operation Baghdad Pups started with one man requesting that his dogs return to the middle east before the tour duty ended,because it was against regulations that a soldier befriend an animal,or try to transport it do to military rules.Trying to transport these dogs looked slim.
But thanks to the SPCA International they have transported and helped many dogs return safely home.Here is the website so you can find out ways to help http://www.baghdadpups.com/thinking
Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

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Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 12:56am PST 
Mew remembers the first stories of Ratchet the dog and the struggle to get him home. In WWII many soldiers were faced with similar problems. Forced to leave their pets in Europe. American airmen based in England would often adopt dogs as squadron mascots and many a story can be told of the loyalty of those dogs who would sit or wander the airfield waiting fur their masters to return. One man wrote a story in a magazine of how he made it home with his because it wasn't real. A toy cat he had found in a sand box and risked picking up. He still had that cat. But he was lucky because although his pet was real to him in those horrible times, it wasn't to the eyes of the rules. In MASH the reality of the base commander having adopted a horse was possible. He was forced to leave her behind as well. The rules have purpose but they aren't perfect. Even if we can't give money, we can always purr for the those who are able to help.