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Well I’ve done went and done it now. I don’t know why, but mom says I have to go to the Dogtur and have a heart operation on the 15th of June.

She said I should do my explaining here because all of my Dogster and Caster friends will stand with me in agreement that everything is gonna be alright.

In my simple doggie understanding, there is a thing inside my heart that didn’t close at birth like it was supposed to. So I have blood sloshing back and forth in places it isn’t supposed to. They are going to go inside my heart and tie it off and then my blood will stay where it belongs. My heart is just a tiny bit enlarged from this, but the dogtur says it will go back to the normal size after my surgery. The dogtur says I will be like a brand new pup when everything mends.

Mom is pretty scared, cuz I’m so small, just 4 lbs 1 oz. But then she was hugging me the other day and realized I might be tiny, but I’ve got a great big heart. And when I was born, I was only 1.4 ounces and had to fight to make it, but I did and I will fight again.

We also have a very good dogtur that mom trusts. It is the same Dr that fixed Mindy’s heart, (Dash’s sister) and look how sassy, spunky and what a diva she is now. And she was in pretty bad shape before they did her surgery.

We believe in the Power of the Paw, positive thoughts, whatever your understanding is and would so appreciate it if everyone would join my family in prayer for my complete recovery.

My Auntie Becky, (Foxy’s mom) made me a picture for my page and I would be so honored if anyone who is so inclined would post it on their page. It would sure make mom feel good to know the support she has.

Mom here:

When I got Teeka I knew she had a heart murmur, but wasn’t overly concerned, as Hoss has one also. But when I took her in for the doctor to examine her before her spaying, he heard the “machinery” sound of her murmur and recommended she see a heart specialist. Her echocardiogram and sonogram showed that she has what is called a PDA. It is a mild one, but definitely there. It has caused her heart to enlarge a very small amount.

I’m showing the links for the explanation of PDA’s for anyone who has a dog with a murmur. Without the recommendation of my regular vet, Teeka may have died a premature death from this. tm

Becky says all things happen for a reason and she believes we have Teeka so she will be given every chance to live a normal life. And I have to agree.

Her diagnosis came as a complete shock to me. I thought it was a ho hum murmur. But if I’d have known everything I now know, back when I took her, I would still take her. She has brought so much love, joy and humor to our lives. She is a very special girl……Aren’t they all???? LOL

We love you all and thanks for your support and please remember her on the 15th of June.
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You all are a very special family and you mean a lot to all of us here at Have A Heart. We will be in prayer for Teeka that the surgery will be successful and that her recovery will be a easy and speedy recovery. If there is anything that any of us can do to help, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are here for you. We are family. Please keep us posted and give that precious little girl lots of hugs and kisses for us. We love you all.
Many hugs and kisses
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Hi guys and gals,

Hugs and love to all of you. AND our heartfelt thanks for all your support, gifts and love. It was a rough weekend for my mom, but you guys all helped her thru it.

So mom talked to the hospital today and asked all the questions she was too overwhelmed to ask the day I say the doctor.

The surgery will be about an hour to an hour and a half. Mom will call auntie Becky and auntie Barbara when I get out of surgery.They expect me go go home the next afternoon. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Major heart surgery and go home the next day. However they did say if mom is too neurotic to take me home the next day they will keep me an extra day, but warned it may depress me to be away from her.

The really good part tho is that the tech mom was talking to used to be a surgery tech. And she said I was gonna be just fine. That she had assisted on lots of these. Mom asked her, well the other ones you did, were they on tiny pups, and she assured mom yes they were. And that most of this surgery is done on the little ones. We are the ones prone to this particular problem.

All of you have been so fantastic and I thank you so much!!! It kinda keeps mom under control. Dang I wanna get up and run and play and all she wants to do is cuddle!

Twirls and hugs to you all and THANKS again for your support.

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Hi guys,

I'm just stopping by to say thank you again for your continued support, pawmails and prayers. Because of you guys, mom is doing pretty good. And I'm fine! Mom watches me run and play and wonders what is she doing having this done to me? But then she goes back over the whole doctor visit and says, yeah it is the right thing to do.

I sleep in a little tent right up in moms face. I never leave her. When dad gets up to take the boys out, I stick right with mom. When mom wakes up and sees my sweet little innocent face right in hers she starts singing, "Good Morning Beautiful" to me. And lemme tell you she ain't no Brad Paisley. But I love it anyway!

We are going to leave for Phoenix Sunday PM so we make sure we don't miss our appointment because of traffic, or an accident, cuz Arizona drivers are not always the best. Then we have a Monday 8:30 PDT appointment for a consult, then followed by the surgery. Hopefully everything will be over by noon. As SOON as they've come and told mom of my success, she will make phone calls to let everyone know how I did.

I will stay in the hospital Monday night and get back to my mama Tuesday evening. Mom and dad are going to stay in Phoenix Tuesday night, just so we are close if mom needs to see the dogtor. Not me but her! Then be home Wednesday. Mom and dad don't work next week so I plan to spend every moment in moms arms or on the sofa beside her. AND disconnect her computer! And yes I will be watching for any "Breakout Gangs".

I wish Mindy was here, she could kinda be my coach, ya know kinda like a Lamaz coach. But knowing her, she would probably try to steal all of the Dogtors attention, hashing out old times. Dash tells me you gotta watch her!

There is a saying, If God brought you TO it, He will take you THROUGH it, and we believe with all the support and prayers that have been for me, He will take me through this just fine.

Once again, thank you soooo much for all you guys and gals have done! We love ya
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Power of the Paw pup. It'll be ok, you'll see. Take a deep bref, habe faith and leabe it in the Great Dog's hands. We'll be waitin ta hear from ya as soon as ya are up ta ithughughughughughug
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OMD Mom has been on Vacation and just started checking in on all her groups......I hope your operation went well and that you are on your way to a full recovery
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happy dancehappy dance So sorry, I guess we should have updated the thread. Teeka's surgery went well and she is back home. The staples have even come out already and she is doing wonderful. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and positive thoughts. Her mom and dad really do appreciate every one of you. It was a very long and stressful day for them and they were so relieved when it was over and she was just fine. Mommy Pat is not going to be able to hold her down now. hughughughug
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Oh yay that is sooo great.....