hi my "mom" and I have bsl questions

Isabella- "Izzy"

How Can Anyone- Ban a breed as- cute as us
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 6:30am PST 
My name is Isabella but everyone calls me Izzy which I really like I have been told that I am an American Pitbull Terrier Mix I don't know what I am mixed with. My "mom" adopted me from the barry county animal shelter here in Michigan when I was only 7 weeks old I am 8 weeks old now I was sad to leave my brothers and sisters but I get lots of love and attention now so life is good. I am learning new things I know how to sit, I am starting to know my name and I am learning to walk on a leash man is that ever hard when there are new smells and it is so fun to chew on the leash.

Well "mom" has family in Ohio and she has questions about the BSL in that State and then also in cities in which pfffttt ackkkk I am banned from.. Why would anyone want to ban something as cute as me??

The State of Ohio Has a Vicious dog law which includes Pit Bulls. Statewide Req. of $100,000. liability per dog. Have a 6ft padlocked fences or
kennel with enclosed top.

With that said here are "mom's" questions
1. Does this mean that we are required to have liability insurance on Izzy even though we do not reside in that state?
2. Can we visit states and cities with Izzy that have bans?
3. Do bans apply to the people who are
visiting family and want to take their APBT pet (as with all dogs we have ever had they felt like they were our child not just a pet) with them? Or do the bans only apply for people who are residents of said County/City/State with the ban?
4. Regarding liability insurance how do we get that? Is that through the homeowners insurance and does that cover when going to states/cities that have a required liability insurance law?

As you can see by my "mom's" questions I am the first puppy for her of the APBT breed. My new family really wants to do right by me and take care of me and obey the laws even if they don't agree with them. If anyone can help answer my "mom's" questions she would love it as she wants to go visit family and take me with her to show me the rest of my new family but can't until she knows things.

Thank you for helping to answer our questions.

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We don't know anything about BSL, because we don't have to worry about it, and hope we never do, but we are so excited for your family getting a pittie! We are so sweetcheer, and loving of course! We are excited that your mom wants to "do right" by you too! It is always good to see new responsible pittie owners out there!
Isabella- "Izzy"

How Can Anyone- Ban a breed as- cute as us
Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 7:34am PST 
Well, we have found out about the liability insurance and it is covered under the homeowners insurance. Just check your personal liability coverage nothing extra was needed to be done. happy dance
Now we know for sure and now I can go on a road trip to visit family in Ohio. snoopy Whoohooo will be my first long road trip mom says it takes us 3 to 3 1/2 hours to get there.
Will be sure to take plenty of pics so all my pals here can see my 1st road trip.


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Typically BSL applies to those that live in the said city/county, however, sometimes the laws apply to people visiting too. What I would do is call that county's animal control and find out everything you can.

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In Toledo, OH if a dog is in a backyard, (and not in a kennel with a top) the yard needs to be padlocked closed - not just have the gate closed. When you're out for a walk be sure to have a leash no more than 6' long, and a muzzle (man I hate those things, good thing mommy lets me just wear a Halti instead - don't tell anyone), and the human doing the walking has to be able to control you. The rules are definitely crazy, but my mom will follow just about anything to keep me at home smile

Have a great vacation!

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I hate bsl. luckily my city doesn't have it and even if it gets it i don't live in the city limit. WOOHOO!!!snoopyhappy dancecheer