I hope I get one!

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Sir Lancelot

Barked: Thu Jun 18, '09 12:19pm PST 
my mommy works for FURminator... she hopes you ALL win! make sure you enter everyday so you have a better chance of winning.... you will LOVE IT!!! puppy

Velcro Dog!
Barked: Sun Jun 21, '09 11:13am PST 
Wooooooooooof the beautiful Lilli! cloud 9
I will keep my paws crossed for ya!snoopy

My mom has one and uses it on me, and it really works great!

She even tried it on one of her horses shheek this Spring who gets a heavy Winter coat. It did the job, and the horse was really digging it!

Hear that FURminator, you might have a market for horses?happy dance

Good luck all you pups wishes
Bandit P- Snugglebunz

Kisses fur- Everybuddy, Dere- on Me!
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 8:46pm PST 
We iz trying to win one for da poppa. Momma cleans up all the dog hair bunnies but poppa always ends up wearing "more pug hair than clothes". Chuck iz right us puggies sure can shed! Year Round too!
Wuv Yew All
Banfit & Pack

Sir Lancelot

Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 10:10am PST 
i saw this cool website where they use the fur to clean up oil spills... maybe we can all collect our fur and send it to them...


or there are some people who use the fur and make sweaters out of it... sir lancey wonders if they'd smell like a wet dog if they were in the rain tho -LOL!!

Look into my- eyes..I- hypnotize you!
Barked: Thu Jun 25, '09 5:41pm PST 
OHHHH, OHHHHHH, I hope I win!!!!! I need some help! red face
Sir Lancelot

Barked: Thu Jul 2, '09 11:58am PST 
happy 4th of july everyone!!!

don't get too scared when all those fireworks are going off this weekend!!

Barked: Fri Jul 3, '09 6:48am PST 
I have one and it is great. It really works. It catches the under coat reducing dandriff. I use it on my cat who loves the way it feels when I am brushing her with it.kittykitty

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Sun Jul 5, '09 10:23am PST 
I've been faithfully entering every day, I hope I win one! big grin

Barked: Sun Jul 5, '09 8:49pm PST 
I hope we get the winning pick. My sister Mosconi leaves her hair everywhere.
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