Big~Dog~Of~The~Month For *June* BRUNO #471725

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Kodiak * CGC

Barked: Sat May 30, '09 1:17pm PST 
Bruno Is our big dog of the month for JUNE. Stop by HIS page, leave HIM a note or a rosette. Coral HIM so you can find HIM easily.



Bruno's Page

Rescue a Dog and- Make Their Life- Happy
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 7:18pm PST 
Wow that Bruno is one cool doggie. I done heard about him from my new sisfurs, and hear we supposed to ask questions too. I heard my angel brofur Billiebob was a doggy of the month one time too.

Hey Bruno,
1. In that pic, is that called putting your best end forward. thinkingthinkingthinking
2. What is the thing that makes you happiest in the world?
3. Was you rescued or adopted like me?
4. Did you ever nots have enough to eat?
5. Is you scared of anything?

Well I guess that a good start huh? I hear about Bella too. big laughbig laughbig laugh
Bruno -In- loving- memory

Big Dog, Bigger- Heart!
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 8:09pm PST 
red face Wow, I'm honored to have been chosen as BDOTM little angel

Thanks for the congrats Doobie and welcome to your new furever home dancing

To answer your questions and hopefully not to step on Lexi's toes since she is still the current BDOTM, I'll do my very bestest!

First answer is I was WAY to refined to pose in such a pic, that wide shot (I mean rear shot) is Kody. BOL At least I am pretty sure you are talking about the Kodsters pic.

Second answer was just the simple things in life like a big old belly rub or spending time with the family. That is what made me happiest, although I loved a GOOD meal too!

Third answer is I was rescued from the pound as a very young pup. I stayed in rescue for a few months until my pawrents found me. I was 8 months at that time.

Fourth answer is, as far as I can recollect, that I was never without. There may even have been a time when I might have had a little too much! big laugh It was then diet time.

Fifth, I wasn't afraid of much but shadows and lights freaked me out and I was a little nervous around horses. They were just too darned big!

Hope I can be a great representation for Hanging with the Big Dogs in June. Thanks for the wonderful honor hail


Lexus aka Lexi

Paying It- Forward *One- Smile At A Time*
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 8:55am PST 
WTG Brunocheercheercheer, What a great choice our admins made when they chose youhug, Well I am off and snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy to get some questions ready for youbig grin
Dusty the- Puppycat- *DLM*

I am Puppycat- the Dogster- Stud!
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 7:16pm PST 
Congratulations Bruno!

Here's a plaque for you. big grin

BDOTM Plaque
Bruno -In- loving- memory

Big Dog, Bigger- Heart!
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 8:16pm PST 
dancing Thanks for the pawsome badge Dusty! And Lexi, I can't wait to see what questions you will have for me.


Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 7:23am PST 
applauseapplauseapplauseCongrats Bruno! On BDOTM!applauseapplauseapplause I have only one question for you today!

If you could be any professional athlete, who would you be and why?

Have a great day!hug
Lexus aka Lexi

Paying It- Forward *One- Smile At A Time*
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 8:18pm PST 
Hi Brunowave

I see your from MN, like me. soooo

1.What do you miss most about not living in MN anymore?
2. Has ya ever drank water outta a toilet?
3. What do you do all day at the Bridge?
4. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
5. Do pups and kitties sleep at the bridge or fly around 24/7?
That's it for today pal. And ya don't ever have to worry about steppin on my toes cuzz I only walk on the bottom of my feet anywaysbig laugh
Bruno -In- loving- memory

Big Dog, Bigger- Heart!
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 7:18am PST 
Hi Dino, I think if I could have been a professional athlete, I would want to be Brian Urlacher. He is a great player who just plays the game and doesn't look for trouble like some stars. He is also a great community leader.

Lexi, here is the answers to your questions

Well, I loved MN but not because of climate but because I found my furever home there. I miss my family more than MN itself.

I think I might have drank out of the toilet once or twice in my life, but I wasn't a toilet drinker per say. The rule at our house is LID DOWN!

At the Bridge it is mostly fun and games. We all hang out and have fun playing and eating. There are some times we must all get serious though. We get together and spread angel dust on families in need. We even take time to fly by and visit the ones we love in their times of need. We take our jobs very seriously.

We are pretty busy at the bridge but everyone has some down time. Whether it be lounging by the pond or under the shade of a tree there will always be someone taking a nap. It is more of a relaxation period than actual sleep.

Hope I answered all your questions OK.

Josie, NPC

I listen....when- me feels like it- BOL
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 3:18pm PST 
Does youse likes to counter surf?
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