How often do you use a de-shedding tool?


Snuzzy: Where- Cute & Fuzzy- Collide!
Barked: Fri May 29, '09 12:25pm PST 
I am curious to find out how often you guys Furminate (or use another type of de-shedding tool)?

Daily? Weekly? Monthly?


Qui me amat- canem meum
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 3:50am PST 
Idealy Blue needs to be furminated about every 2 weeks. I usually don't manage that though BOL. I start noticing fur everywhere and that makes me bust out the furminator.

Bo Knows: He- Just Doesn't- Listen
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 10:24am PST 
With three of us canines and one kitty we have a lot of fur. Me and my canine sibling Logan, a Bernese Mtn. dog, get furminated every few days. My sis Copper has short hair so she doesn't usually get the treatment. Our kitty sis get furminated every once in a while, that girl does shed. Woof!dog


I am the queen
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 3:03pm PST 
The Mee Maw gotted us a furbuster & we lub it...usin it daily

I\'m a big dog- in a little- dog\'s body
Barked: Tue Jun 2, '09 3:53pm PST 
Hi gang I'm Chipper, and my Mom uses the Mir Coat King on me once every 2 weeks. I'm a Cairn terrier and have a double coat and I don't shed to much. However my under coat tends to get matted and my top coat needs to be stripped from time to time.... wavewavewavewavewavewavewave

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Tessie - Rocks

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Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 5:44am PST 
We don't shed...UH OH...does that mean we shouldn't be here?...BOLsnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

I\'m a big dog- in a little- dog\'s body
Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 4:56pm PST 
No I don't shed, but my coat needs to be, as Mom says, RAKED at least once every 2 weeks and boy oh boy you should see the fur that Mom takes off me..

So can I stay???? confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused
Ty (2001 - 2011)

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Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 6:51am PST 
We get brushed at least once a week. I have the longest fur of our pack shrug but it seems like my short haired sibling shed more than I do!

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Barked: Sat Jun 6, '09 10:45am PST 
I use my furminator every day or at least every other day... helps keep the shedding down dancing