kittens found in dumpster (update)

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poor kittens needs prayers
"craigslist post" on 05/12/2008

If you have information about the 3 day old kittens dumped in a dumpster at the North Bend housing authority apartment complex on 11th/Virginia Saturday afternoon/evening on 5/9/09 please either email the information or contact the North Bend police department.

There are 5 kittens, 2 siamese, 1 white, 1 tabby, and 1 chocolate brown and white. The kittens were placed in a white bankers box with R.I.P. written on the box lid then placed in the dumpster and the birthday garabage and small webber barbeque then placed on top to conceal the cruel act.

Someone has got to know about these babies and were they came from. Did you see these kittens and now they are gone and wondered where they went?

Thankfully the kittens were found and are being bottle feed by a community member. All 5 remain healthy and strong despite the fact when they were found they were covered in feces, were wet, and ice cold.

We as a community need to take a stand against the cruel and unusual punishment of animals that is continuously happening in our community. Please if you know something about this terrible act, come forth and make a stance.
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(the lady emailed me) emailed me back

I am huge spay and neuter trapper in the Coos county area, and happen to live close to the apartment complex. The story goes like this. My neighbor sent her daughter outside to take out the trash, next thing she knows she hears screams and cries. She hurries outside to find her daughter crying, she then hears the cries from the babies in the dumpster too. They gather a couple children to crawl in the dumpster and unearth the box of kittens, no towels nothing. In a panic she runs to my house and knocks on my door.

I hear the knock at about 7:30 pm and see the woman standing there holding a box through my glass door. I frequently get knocks from the apartment complex wanting me to take their dejected cats, thinking this is another similiar situation, I wasn't prepared for what I saw either. She was standing there apologizing to me for bringing the babies to me, but she didn't know what else to do and knew their success was best laid into my hands. I stuck my hand in the box to feel stinky, feces and urine covered, ice cold kittens. They were not moving much, but screaming loudly. They were cold, wet, and very hungry.

I immediately got my children in action finding empty water bottles, to fill with hot water, covered them in socks and placed them with towels in the box. I wasn't sure they were going to be savagable in their state, but knew I now needed to get food while they were warming up. I ran to Wal-Mart and got some milk replacer. Once home, I washed all of them and one by one filled their little bellies with warm milk. They made it through the night and continue to remain healthy and strong. I estimate them today at about 6 days old, the tabby is just starting to open its eyes. This usually happens between 7-8 days old, but she seems to be a day or two more advanced than the others.

There are 3 males and 2 females, just as cute as a button. I have high hopes for these once rejected infants. I am pretty certain they will all make it just fine, god willing.
I placed some pictures on my craigslist ad.

Thank you for your interest,

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Date: 2009-06-19, 10:00AM PDT

About 7 weeks ago, a box of kittens was brought to my door step in a white bankers box with RIP written on the lid. Some of you might have remembered the orginal post. In this box lay feces and urine soaked kittens, ice cold. I wasn't sure I could save them but was willing to do what I could to try. I called every rescue I knew of, looking for a nursing mother, no one was willing to take them. Why you might ask?..... Because everyone was already full, and the cost to care for such kittens is astronomical.

All 5 of the georgous babies lived, everyday they traveled with me to college, yes I was finishing my degree and because they couldn't be left alone and needed feeding every 2 hours for the first couple weeks, they went to college with me in a soft sided carrier that looked similiar to a book bag. This added responsibility brought my grades for A's to B's but I'm ok with that smile.

But the real cost $$. It cost me $15 a day to feed them, they were drinking more than 32 ounces a day of Just born kitten formula x by 7 days a week=$105x by 6 weeks= $630. Add the many loads of towels to this, and the vaccinations, and the spay and neuters and the wormings, kitten kibble and soft food, and the cleaning products and shampoos (no momma to clean them) and the flea treatment, ect and we are very close or at $1000.

Yeah $1000 out of my pocket for someone elses poor judgement, you see I have never had a litter of cats or dogs ever. And I certainly have never rehomed an animal that was not altered ever. I have however trapped hundreds of cats for spay and neuter, and transported lots of dogs for spay and neuter to try and do my part to end this unjustice not only for the animals, but for those who find themselves in a situation like mine, with a box of kittens hanging solely on your pocket book.

$1000 could have spayed and neutered, flea treated, ear mite, vaccinations and wormed between 33 and 50 coos county cats, preventing the unwanted births of approximately 250 kittens just in one breeding season (there are 3 a summer) . Please people if you have a litter, don't abandon them!! Let mamma raise them and pay the $10 it takes to take them to the shelter if necessary, this IS the most responsible thing to do in light of actually getting your cats spayed.

People like me and the non profits would much rather spend their sliver of money on ending the suffering not minimizing it by placing a bandaid on 5 kittens while hundreds more are born and euthenized on our tax dollars.

Location: North Bend
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My mommy wants to meet the evil, inhuman person who put the kitties in the dumpster. She has some ideas about what to write on their box after she seals them in.
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that is so sad that someone would do that to these tiny little creatures. We wish them all the best & you to for looking after them. It is such a lot of work to look after tiny ones. Thankyou for your kindness
I hope you find who did it!!
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what despicable humons there are in this world that can do such a thing, unfortunaly we hear too many of these horror stories every day. thank God fur such angels such as You that are here to make such a remarkable difference. 5 Paws Upway to go
Wishing You all the best and will be saying some prayers fur you and the kittens!hughughug

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Why do people do this?
I can't understand why so many animals are treated so poorly by sick, less-than-human people.
Why God???? Why?
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Mew seriously wants to be sick. Not to mention angry. If I knew who it was, I'd send a huge dog of my acquittance who was the beloved pet of a Hell's Angel to haunt their dreams. Lou would scare them into never doing such a cruel and horrid thing again.
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updated on kittens
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just in......she emailed me

They are doing great, they have had their first vaccinations yesterday, been wormed, and might be big enough to be spayed and neutered in the very near future. I will be taking pictures very soon and will send them to you. Update, the white is actually a flamepoint siamese. Their names are Einstein (flamepoint, male), Mooky (sable point, male), Max (Lynx point, male), Josie (tortie, female), Missy (Tabby, female).
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That is so great that they are ok. When Meowmie furst read the post, she was ready to grow claws just to take the near murder out. Tico was saying she wishes that she and her furrends could go into the dreams of such people and haunt them.