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I got THE- power!! Jesus.
Barked: Sat Sep 19, '09 8:17am PST 
Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live.
Isaiah 55:3
Most people live on the surface. They miss the most astonishing things. They see and yet they do not see. And the reason is they aren’t really looking. The same is true about what they hear. They listen with the outer ear only. For example, people go to church, and the Gospel never penetrates beyond the outer consciousness. That is because people do not listen with all their faculties. They do not lose themselves in it. But when one inclines his ear and hears, listening as though his life depended upon it, getting every word, letting it sink into his mind by a deep and powerful penetration, then the message falls like a healing potency upon him. Every spiritual disease germ is killed, and he lives with new health and strength.
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I got THE- power!! Jesus.
Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 6:02am PST 
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September 20, 2009
“Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. . . .”
Exodus 20:9–10 (NIV)

After we graduated from college, four of my friends and I found jobs near Washington, DC, and rented a house together. We liked being employed—no more scraping together loose change to afford a pizza. But with the pickup soccer games of college replaced by sedentary desk jobs, several of my housemates began noticing burgeoning waistlines. I had just received my personal training certification, so I offered to design an exercise and diet plan for the house.

First, we bought used exercise equipment and converted our basement storage room into a gym. Then we replaced all the junk food in the refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. We all started eating smaller, healthier meals.

After three months, we stepped back on the scales. Two roommates had lost nearly twenty pounds each, and all together we’d lost more than fifty!

What was our secret? Our diet included a “day off ” when we could eat the foods we’d been craving all week—ice cream, soda, French fries. The day off made the other six days manageable because it provided a break from the discipline and stress involved in following a diet.

Thank God for the “day off ” concept; He rested on the seventh day and His people have been doing the same ever since.

Lord, thank You for the day of rest we need to overcome the challenges of the other six days each week.

By Joshua Sundquist
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I got THE- power!! Jesus.
Barked: Thu Nov 12, '09 6:16am PST 
November 12, 2009
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me. . . .
Philippians 3:14 (NIV)

For years I was in awe of the “hard” Bible study at my church. They met for an hour longer than my class next door, and when I’d peek in as I walked by, they’d be poring over the Bible with highlighters and marking pens. I’d heard they even had hours of homework each week! They seemed to know so much about the Bible. I could never be like that, I thought. Where would I start?

Then our son Ross, learning about the world’s religions in a history class, came home with some questions I couldn’t answer: Were the Gospels close to eyewitness accounts or written many years later? Did Jesus ever really say He was God? I knew I had to dig deeper into God’s Word and find the answers to help Ross strengthen his faith. So I signed up for the hard Bible study, promising myself that I’d attend the first day and see if I could handle it.

That was four years ago. Since then I’ve come to know God much better. But I’ve also learned a simple plan for facing intimidating situations, one that’s worked for me whether it’s taking a hard class, sticking to an exercise regimen or giving up a bad habit:

Go. Make an effort to get started, even if it’s only a baby step.

Stay. Don’t quit that first day; stick with it, even if you can’t keep up.

Return. Keep going back and making one more try. Soon all those “just one more day” attempts pile up, and you’ve made a lot of progress.

Stay close by me, Lord, so that when I feel weak or my will begins to fail, Your gentle nudging helps me press on.

By Gina Bridgeman

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I got THE- power!! Jesus.
Barked: Sat Nov 14, '09 9:38am PST 
Ten Seconds

You are right; it is the little things.

I was getting a special x-ray last week and the clerk put on my
ID bracelet. She must have noticed I was nervous. Because as
she put on my bracelet, she touched me with both hands...and
rubbed my arm.

She said something. But, I don't remember what she said!
I do remember, the has stayed with me for
weeks now.

The above was a response to the issue, Itty-Bitty Things,

It is amazing how such a simple thing can be remembered for so
long. Think back on an act of kindness that you remember from
long ago.

It was a dark morning in downtown Atlanta.

My father was a businessman, he had a store downtown, a wig and
cosmetics store. He would take his sons downtown before school
around 5:30 am and we would pass out flyers to women hurrying to

I stood on a particular corner. I learned a lot about crowd
psychology from those early cold downtown mornings. If there
was a crowd of people coming across the crosswalk as the light
changed, it was vital that you got the first person in the crowd
to take one of your flyers.

If the first person took one, the rest would likely take one.
If the first person refused, the rest would likely refuse.

One morning a particularly rude lady brushed me aside with a
rather mean look. That wasn't unusual and it is not her that I
remember. The rest of the crowd following her across the street
also refused my proffered circulars.

It was just a circular, and you get used to rejection when
passing out circulars in the pre-dawn hours of a major city.

I don't remember the rude lady in front of the crowd.

I remember the last lady.

She was an older lady, perhaps mid-sixties to early seventies.
Her race was different from mine.
Her hair was white with age and her frame frail from the years.
She wore a black dress.

Did those things matter?

No, I just remember them.

She didn't need a wig and looked as if she never had or would
wear one. That I could plainly see.

Knowing the demeanor of the rest of the crowd, I made no real
attempt to give her a circular, after all, she was the one
person in the crowd that couldn't use what I was selling.

She stopped and extended her aged hand for one of my circulars.

I gladly gave her one and with that transfer, it lifted the
rejection of countless others before her.

She spoke three words . . .

"Jesus loves you"

and walked away.

That was 30 years ago.

It was an Itty-Bitty Thing that made a big difference.

Think on this:
What Itty-Bitty Thing made a big difference in your life?

Think also on this:
What Itty-Bitty Thing can you do to make a big difference in
someone else's life?

Neither of the two examples above cost anything or took more
than ten seconds.

Got ten seconds?

~A MountainWings Original~
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