A Day at the Rescue Centre

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My mom volunteers at a local pet shelter for stray dogs & cats. It was suggested that perhaps she write about a day at the shelter so she has started to do some writing. She has her first installment almost ready for its great debut here. It is when great honor that I Ginger will introduce you to my Mom's first published story .)!applausedog Mom is proof reading it to put the finishing touches on it & she will add a few of these little guys in the proper places-(with my encouragement)
& it will be ready tomorrow for your veiwing pleasure.applause
Ginger- 1995/2009

loving homes for- all furrs
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Here is my short story-

A Day at the Rescue Centre

I volunteer at a pet rescue centre & sometimes things happen that aren’t planned. Well quite often these types of things happen when working with 4 legged furrys. Sometimes these things are instantly funny & sometimes it takes a little while to see the “funny” or humor in the situations. This is one of those situations.

After I started there I was so nervous the first few days. I worried about not remembering to do everything properly & not in the right order- Just general concern about doing a good job.
This was after I had been there a few months, I was really getting comfortable being there & doing my job. I had gotten pretty good at feeding everyone in the proper order & keeping track of who went where etc.

Oh it was awful! The day I lost a kitten!!

You can only imagine-I opened their cage door & out came 4 little furballs running & jumping so happy to be free & able to explore everywhere & everything. I was sure I counted 4 little furry fellows. There were 4 names on the card on the cage I knew that-I could see & I didn’t have to look real close. I did all the scooping & wiping & cleaning as with all the others. The little kittens had a great time playing with the older kittens from the other cage & Fipper the dog was laying down snoozing as usual. Everything was normal, nothing was out of place. Well as normal as it gets trying to get everything cleaned up & ready to open at 10 oclock. Until the time came to sweep & mop the floors & that meant catching all the little fellows to put them back in their kennels so we could get on with the job. Well there’s the 2 big fellows, great now I just have to catch those little one & then that’s it but I can only find 3 kittens. Oh no where is that other one? If I were a kitten where would I hide? I looked in all the kitty trees, under the desk in each shelf, no kitten anywhere! Now I’m getting concerned- I didn’t really think it would be there but just in case I went to the kitchen & asked the people doing dishes if they’d seen a cute little kitten, checked the Litter Box (that’s what we called our washroom) walked down the hallway to the back door even checking in the 3 dog kennels-not there. Well maybe it squeezed under the door & went downstairs so I checked the intake room going down the front stairs , opened the door & looked around the dog kennels , nothing there that I could see- well I will check with the girls in the yellow room cleaning the kennels down here. By this time I am really worried & getting close to tears. I open the door & everything is like any other morning-how do I say I’ve lost a kitten- its awful to admit you’ve lost a tiny little kitty but I need to find it. “Has anyone seen a kitten, I can’t find one from the bottom kennel” Kerry looked up “no we haven’t seen anything, but don’t worry I’ll check when I come up in a few minutes”. I went up the back stairs just in case somehow he got out the door to the kitchen & down the stairs but I know there’s almost no chance of that.

With the floors washed & laundry down to the laundry room I check the cat rooms just in case I let it one of them by chance. It’s almost impossible that happened but I have to check everywhere just in case.

10 o’clock is here & the girls are opening the store. Kerri stopped in the shelter to check things out for me. One look in the kennel to see 3 little guys sleeping peacefully & she said to me “well they’re all there which one is missing?” I was so close to crying-not just tears-real crying and she wants to know whose missing? She looks at the tag & looks at me & said Boggle’s been adopted-see it says that beside her name but they just didn’t cross her name out. She walked around & glanced in every cage & said everyone is here.

Have you ever felt stupid? Well I wanted to crawl into the toy bench. I was so sure that 4 kittens came out of that kennel. I could not believe I had done that!

Well it was rather humorous after a cup of coffee & a snack but it took awhile to get control of those tears that were shed.

It’s been months since that happened & now I can laugh about it. It is still vivid in my memory though- One of those things you remember!!

We have since moved to a new building & other things have happened awhile to be but never again did I do that. I from that day on I always read the tags with the names on the kennels & checked both the tags & the number of kittens that are in the kennels so I am sure of how many come out so the correct amount go back in the kennel.
From that day on I have gone to great even exaggerated lengths’ to make sure that the same number goes in that came out.

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Awww thank you for sharing that story!
What touched me the most, was your genuine concern for the "missing" kittie. It's nice to know someone who cares that much is doing what you are doing. Kudos to you!!!!

Carmen Elizabeth, We Miss You.

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We fink datis a sweet story! But den, Ginger is always sweet!applause