This guy said something horrible!


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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 3:25pm PST 
Hey friends, can I vent about something that happened last Friday?
I took Roxy to work with me, which I do at times. All of us at work are super animal lovers, so there's usually a dog or two here most of the time. We are in the construction business, so sometimes people come by to pick up material, but most know of our doggies and don't care.
Well, these two guys come in and Roxy was off her leash and goes up to them when she hears someone came in. My desk is by the front door, so I go get a hold of her and tell them she's harmless. Now, when Roxy meets someone for the first time, SOMETIMES she'll growl a little bit, but her tail is always wagging while she does this. It's not threatening at all. The other lady here has 2 doggies and they will run up & bark at people, but they are not threatening either.
Ok, so I get her over to my area and I hear one of the guys say "If she bites my hand I will blow her head off". Now, I have a personality that is pretty straightforward and I have a problem - if you consider it a prob - with saying what's on my mind (which usually leads to trouble!) But I bit my tongue for a minute cause I was at work, but then I said to this idiot guy "Did you just say you're gonna blow my dog's head off?" He won't even look at me and says something like "Well, I felt threatened when I came in here....yada-yada-yada". This guy did NOT look scared at all to me! Just being a jerk and trying to be tough.
I ended up not saying more to him, but I pet my Roxygirl and said what I wanted to her, loud enough for him to hear it. (I can't type it -it involved him getting his butt kicked by me and profanities)
Thanks for listening. It really, really hurt me to hear someone say this. There was no reason for that. I don't know if it was because Roxy is half Pitbull and it was a case of their stereotype or what? Most people I meet fall in love with her.
But it made me so mad I was shaking. I hope to God this guy does not have any animals.
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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 5:45pm PST 
I know what you mean. I would be upset if I'd heard that, too. It is horrible to say regardless of what breed, but the Pits do have a bad reputation painted in the news, brought on by horrible owners. I would bet this guy will run into some trouble someday with a mouth like his - always running without thinking first, I presume.
I was very upset the other day, myself, if you don't mind MY venting. I now own a four pound, quiet Chihuahua. I ran in to pay my daughter's ballet bill at the front desk of her dance studio. It was hot (and I never leave my dog alone anyhow), so I ran in to drop the check off and this lady who was sitting on the far side of the waiting area brought it upon herself to get up, set down her book, flip=flop her tootsies over to me and in a very rude tone said to me, "Excuse me, maam, I am very allergic to dogs. Please take your dog outside!" and marched on back to her bench to continue her one hour sit while her daughter was dancing. I finished paying and then I left. I do understand allergies, but there was more fur on the lady sitting next to her than on my entire dog! Also, she was all the way inside the building. If she was so allergic to pets, why get close? I was four feet inside the front door, going pay (obviously) and then going to leave. She put herself in danger by even bothering to be offended by my dog that I was holding. Some people are looking for ways to be offended and have something to talk about with their friends. I felt like telling her to "Get over it, lady!", but I ignored her. I came back to pick my daughter up after dance and was sure to stand right by that lady who had not moved. She never sneezed or sniffled once. Perhaps if we would all make an effort to think of others and how our words are going to come out and be heard we would all get along better. Or, rather, just don't speak at all like our pets and everyone will love us, right?!

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what a big tough guy he is -making a threat to a friendly dog that just wanted to meet him and check out who he was. too bad roxy didnt attack him-he sure would have deserved it--what a wanker. dont worry-roxy probably has more ppl in her life that love her than he does-if he goes around shooting his big mouth of like that i wouldnt imagine he has too many loyal friends.


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Well, you know a 4lb Chihuahua is just sooooo furry and all!!!! LOL!
Yeah, I think people are just miserable in their own lives and try to bring everyone else down with them. "Misery loves company!"
I respect you for not saying anything back to her. This is where I need work, especially now having a pittie mix. I have experienced stuff in my life for my tattoos, and I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when someone is rude to me, but now with Roxy, I know I will need to handle these situations better, so I can be a good rep for the breed.
I am going to practice smiling instead!

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Barked: Tue Apr 28, '09 2:27pm PST 
well my dear friend I would have been hot ..too, I know we need to turn the other cheek, but when someone says something rude about our dog or children it is hard. Pitts get a very bad rap in my opinion, do you ever see the nice things about them oh no just when on the news something extreme happens, but that is the news I guess, just try to as you said, for Roxy, let people know how friendly you are..and they will understand Roxy..easier said than done, I know.. but it is how your baby was raised.. to be friendly, and all doggies go to say Hello to people and that guy was just rude to the bone ,we say, he was looking for an excuse to get you going.. so hey, don't let him bother you, he is ignorant of the breed ,like most are..Roxy is a beauty to us... waveRoxy you are beautiful....inside and out..hug
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You go Roxy!!! My Momcat would have been all over him for that, just because you are part pitbull doesn't give him the right to say that or assume you are gonna bite. My uncle has a full blooded pit and he is the sweetest dog you ever want to meet, he even likes kitty's ....whew thank God MOL! It's the way they are raised that forms their personalities. That is one thing I can say about my Momcat IF you want a fight on your hands just talk bad about ME!! She will jump you right now, you have a wonderful Mom, I just hope this moron doesn't get any precious animals, Hissssssssss! shock

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Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 7:56am PST 
Aww, you guys made me smile with your responses.......thank you!
big grin
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Barked: Sat May 2, '09 9:31pm PST 
Hey dare, Roxy,
I pray to God this idiot not only doesn't have pets, but I hope he doesn't have a wife or children! Anyone around him might be used for target practice. Too bad we have to share our planet with these creeps.

Jes ma 2 cents,
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and Bandit's Mom....if Mimi runs into peoples like "the allergy lady", her response is...."my dog is a service dog"....or "if you have a problem, I guess you will have to leave." Nobody's challenged her yet and I feel sorry for them if they do.

Best Regards,
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Yes, Roxy, I like men like that. They say something ugly/macho and then won't look at you or will back down if you call them on it. It always makes me laugh. Big man!