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if you know any furry local heroic, myths, legendary or just a story tell from you neck of the woods. here is a chance to tell they world of your local stories that nobody knows.

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this is not a good story but just wanted to share it because it makes us realize how sad animal abuse is and how lucky our pets have it with us as owners. in melbourne, australia a guy bought him self a siberian husky puppy and he lived in a high rise inner city apartment and had no room for the puppy to go outside at all only when he decided to take it out.when the puppy accidentally pooped inside the guy was so mad he kicked the puppy so hard repeatedly thet the dogs leg snapped in half and it pooped itself even more.the guy threw the pup onto the balcony where he left it for 9 hrs in pain until someone took it to the vet. the pups leg was amputated and the pig got a 10 yr ban on owning an animal and a small fine--that crime holds a jail sentence-why he isnt locked up is beyond me-

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Oh my God!
I can't handle stories like this. Even reading through Dogster pages, there's many that found their dogs in horrible circumstances.
It sickens me that there are so many people out there who treat animals so horribly........
I can only hope Karma gets them back - tenfold! - for what these people do to animals.......


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well I hear you how awful, but we need to read these stories to realize how bad abuse is.. I was watching Animal Planet a while back..hope I have my facts right here..there is a rescue that took in some of the Vicks pitbulls and I am sorry ,bad with names , I can't recall the rescue , maybe some watched it,too.and they are trying to re-hab these doggies and find them wonderful furever homes, but most of the doggies are so frightened that it will take a while.. I was telling DiaMond about this on Saturday so I wanted to to share it with all, plus I want to share we love doggies all breeds no exception here..so Go Pitts we say...hamster dance

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I know the rescue you're talking about, Dogtown! They are a part of Best Friends and they are amazing!!! The Victory Dogs!!!!! I watched that 2 hour special and I record all the shows. How awesome they are and what they are doing there. I believe some of the Victory Dogs have been adopted.
Check out their website:
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