what does your pets think about you as their owner?

♦- DiaMonD- ♦

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Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 9:52am PST 
my master is my friend, savior. angel and all mine.

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Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 2:53pm PST 
My mommy and daddy are the best!!!!! They treat me very good, feed me the best foods(even "table food" as they call it, once in awhile) and they take me everywhere they go. I am spoiled by them and I love them to death. My only wish is that all doggies and kitties could have wonderful mommies and daddies like mine!!!!!happy dance dancing

For ever in my- heart
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 5:12am PST 
I reckon my owner was the best, she loved me loads and wanted the best for me, now it's my turn to watch over her.

I (Sheeba the foster dog) adore my owner, I follow her around, we have a good bond.


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Barked: Sun Apr 26, '09 12:45pm PST 
my mum loves me like as if i were a her child. she spoils me rotten and lets me sleep on her bed and treats me so good-thats why i love her-and am happy to be hershappy dance

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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 3:12pm PST 
Ok, Roxy's letting me know what to type here......

"My momma & pappa are so cool! They take me for walks everyday, and not always to the same place, so I don't get bored. They let me sleep in their bed (ok, so it's MY bed - but I'll let them think it's theirs) and they give me treats and they teach me new tricks and, and, and they are always giving me love & affection, and, and they even have grandpop come over while they are at work so I'm not by myself all day, and sometimes mamma takes me to work, and, and BOY, there's so much good stuff they do for me I don't want to take the whole page up!
Best of all......they adopted me, so they saved me from possibly bad things happening to me. I wuv them!!!!"