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i understand that times are tough for people and money is tight. why give up your pet? i hear about people out there abandoning there pets because they are worried about the economy is rough. i'm not rich or wealthy; however, my dog 's love and well being is more important anything. my dog is my family here.

can you name something that you would give up other than tearing your family up? why?
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I don't care, if I could have my sweet Sir Sonny Bono back, I would give up ANYHING for him he was my Knight in Shining Armor, there is no situation that I would give him up~NONE ~ they are loyal, love unconditionally and expect nothing back in return but our love ~little angel

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I totally understand what you're saying and it makes me mad as well.
If people would look at their budget, they can make SOMETHING work. Heck, I would live off of Ramen noodles if I had to, and feed Roxy whatever I could afford, but in no way would I give her up.
NEVER! Do these people throw away their kids too when times get hard? Oh wait, the government will give them money for the kids!
I gave up getting my nails done when I got Roxy just so I could feed her better quality food. That equals about $70 a month I was spending on my nails, now goes to Roxy's food & treats.
I am fortunate however, that my husband and I are still working. My job is slowing down, so who knows how our situation will be down the road.


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This was found on Craigslist by a Colonel Potter Cairn Recue Network member:
A rescued dog's tale

My Angels

For many years, I sat ‘out back’
Sleeping there on the ground
I always went to bed hungry
‘cause they forgot I was even around

Maybe I got too big,
Or maybe I barked a lot,
Maybe I didn’t sit or lay
Or jumped up when I should have not

If only they’d taken some time
and taught me a thing or two
I would have done ‘bout anything
Anything they asked me to do

Instead, here I am ‘out back’
this mud hole I now call my home,
I spend my days watching and yearning
Wishing for a moment to roam

As the seasons, come and go
The days, they turn to years
I try hard not to cry a lot
All I want is somebody near

Sometimes, someone would come near me
Wrinkle their nose and pass on by
As I sit in my mud hole
I sit here and just wonder why

Then one day I see you
You came so close and near
I sat up like a good boy
As I tried to show no fear

You gave me a treat, took it away
You played with my toes and ears
You made me so very happy,
More attention then I’d know in years

That’s when I saw it, that look in your eyes
And I hung my head so low
That anger, as always, it came again
As I waited for the next blow

That grim look on your face, I’d seen it before
It says you will just pass me by
Of course, who could blame you?
Look at me, who would want I

Who wants a dog all full of mud
Long nails and a swollen belly
Who wants a dog with flea bit ears
With matted fur, so rough and smelly

Again I give up my dream
Accept my life long fate
I look up at your anger
A face so full of hate

Imagine my shock, my awe, and wonder
As I hear you say he's fine
I lift my head so high in the air
As you reached for that four foot line

You see I lived forever
on the end of a four foot chain
And for the price of a few cigarettes
You started to erase the pain (I can forget years of pain)

You took me to your car
I climbed in next to you
It was then I saw the tears
And that was something new

I knew you were so sad,
As I licked your gentle face
You said no more loneliness or hunger
You promised me a better place

It was at that moment my Angel
The anger that filled you so
I realized wasn’t toward me but for me
It was enough to give me some hope

You brought me home and cleaned me up
You gave me some food and toys
You gave me all I wanted
Including a new found joy

Then one day he came
Another Angel such as you
You told him of my story
He nodded like it wasn't new

You looked at me,
tears filled your eyes, as you kissed this scruffy face
“Don’t you worry, they’ll take good care of you….
“….far away from that awful place”

Off I went, so far away
Now I have my first real home
All those years of dreams came true
Never again yearning to roam

You see I have a good life
I get to jump and play
Because of you, my Angels dear
I have forgotten there was any other way.

by Charlene Grueber
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love it upblue dog blue dog way to go way to go

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well I am disabled and the joy in my life is my kids, my granddaughter and my doggies..I would give up my house to have my dogs, my food so they could eat..I have a wonderfu landlord who allows me to have my precious pets, I have looked at a home closer to my doctor but the deposit for pets is really outrageous $250 per pet for 4 dogs is a lot if you have life without my dogs would be empty, the are so part of it, they love me no matter the circumstances and I love and treat them well. Bostons have been such a wonderful breed for me they adapt to your life and hey I love all breeds I just happen to have a passion for Boston Terriers so friends I love you all.. and I agree I spent a lot of money on my Luke Skywalker due to a gentic disorder but I wouldn't trade that for the world and If I could just hold him for a minute I would give up everyhting ..He is an Angel now and not in pain but not a day goes by I don't miss him and it has been over 1 1/2 yrs.I still hear him coming down the hallway.. So hug your baby,your pet, and be thankful you have one to love you back..Loves from Chad's family to all
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To me when one gets a puppy it is for life or they pass away from old age. I have two Bostons and a senior doxie. They are my life and I would NEVER NEVER give them away. I would be willing to give up anything to be able to provide food and see that they had their shots. They are the most importants things in my life!!!little angel

I think that people can find a way to keep their pets is they really wanted to. After all there is a lot of things in one's life that are really luxuries that we could do without. For example, I have a cell phone and I could do without it if I couldnt provide food for my dogs. So we all a "way" if there is a "will" .

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thankfully i can give spike and baby the things they need and now that spike has allergies his needs are higher but i would never give him up even though he is high mantienence. i would sacrifice anything i do for myself to give him what he needs.after all he puts up with all my dramas too-so i owe it to him.