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Sarah Kate

Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 11:35am PST 
Sarah Kate was spayed 3 weeks ago and during the procedure they found that she had pyometra. We caught it early enough that her vet told me a full round of antibiotics and she should be good. She finished round one during the middle part of last week and we thought that things were good. On Sunday, she rolled over to have her belly scratched and I noticed that her incision looked really bad. It was red and irritated. The next morning, I made her an appointment to have her seen at the vet and before we left, I noticed that she had scabby patches all over her belly and her skin was turning black. She has always had a nice light pink belly but now she doesn't!

Could this be something more serious? The vet sort of blew it off, which he "didn't notice" the scabby patches either, until I pointed them out a second time. They have always been a wonderful vet for us, but this is my baby!

She is undergoing her second round of antibiotics and we are to clean her incision with peroxide several times a day. We also have to wipe her belly down with antibiotic pledgets that the vet gave us. You can see swelling around her incision but I am not sure if that was from the removal of the stitches yeterday. (They told me that they would disolve and they didn't!)

Scared Mom!
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 12:28pm PST 
Your girl is gorgeous! cloud 9

I've always had males so I cannot comment on the spay, but things sound sketchy to me. Is there a different vet you could call for a second opinion?

Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 12:42pm PST 

Sorry that Sarah Kate is having problems. frown I hope the antibiotics help get her straightened out soon; they should help with any infection in the incision, too. smile

The black belly can mean a few things, such as thyroid problems and Cushing's. Both conditions, as well as others, can cause changes in the pigmentation and Cushing's can cause little black pimple looking things which are calcium deposits on the skin. Zinc deficiencies can also cause skin changes.

Give Sarah Kate time to heal from the spay (good move! applause ), and then have a complete chem panel run on her. This will give an indication of the functioning of her adrenals, kidneys, liver, and pancreas, and may give you a direction to start looking in. With the stress of the spay and the infection, it is best to let her settle down a bit first, tho. Any stress, physical or otherwise, can skew test results.

Wishing you and Sarah Kate the very best!
Leslie and the girls

Sarah Kate

Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 1:33pm PST 
Thank you! Her eyes were the first thing that sucked me into her "power"! Her fur has since changed from gray to red, but the eyes have stayed the same.

There is another vet in the area, but this one is highly recommended by everyone, the other can be a little sketchy!

She did have a bit of a traumatic experience with the spay, since she thought that her plush toys were her babies! She carried them around the house and watched over them for several days after her surgery! They have since become chew toys again! laugh out loud

Thanks for the tip about the panel being done! After she finishes this round of antibiotics, I will give her a bit longer to heal and then have it done!

She is my baby girl, I would be lost without her! (I have two sons and no daughters, so she has taken that position! smile )

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In the human world black skin is "necrotic" aka dead.. and needs to be debreded (removed) in order for the new healthy skin to grow.

Animals are not the same as humans, but they do have some things very similar..
I would suggest taking your pet in for a second opinion. (elsewhere)

*I am not a vet, and have no background in vetrinary science*
I work with humans.

But in my opinion, that is what it sounds like, esp. so close to a surgical procedure.
Miss Priss

little one
Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 7:05am PST 
Hi - I bet the black spots are related to allergies or the antibiotic treatments... Just use the pads on her belly, as you had stated.
I would make sure she is on some good supplements to aide her immune system - all the antibiotics will damage the Gut and good bacteria...
How about some Acidophalus ( 1 billion CFUs) - this is the product that is in yogurt .... but you don't need all the milk and calories from yogurt... Acidophalus can be found any place that sells vitamins for humans - JUST give 1/2 tablet per day for 1 month...HIDE in some wet food or cheese..
NEXT - An immune system booster / NuVET plus Wafers
A natural canine supplement...
Will help to keep your kid free from problems....
HELPS to keep the vet away

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Ch. Ali, CGC

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Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 5:13pm PST 
We have white poodles and yellow labs and both of them have skin color changes from pink to black in the Springtime. Its normal pigment reaction to the sun. Could be that her abdomen is more exposed since being shaved for the spay? I put a continental clip on one of my white poodles Monday and her pink skin was already getting black by Tuesday afternoon.
Honda *On- the Rainbow- Bridge*

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Barked: Wed Apr 15, '09 7:16pm PST 
I would think about maybe not using peroxide unless you plan on killing good and bad cells... Because that's what peroxide does. It kills all cells, not just the bad ones.... (Recently learned this and found it quite funny because it's what I always used) It leads to more scarring than what you would usually get using another product.