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This is the first of the stories Meowma and I are posting. She wrote this one this morning. Hope y'all like it!

Can You Hear Me?

One night, not long ago, as I sat wide awake and not thinking of anything in particular, I heard, or thought I did, the soft voice of my grandfather in my ear. He was telling me to look at something. I looked and looked, all around the room and then it came to me. He wanted me to see in my mind's eye what he saw. I had never before done this, so it was a new experience with me.

As I took his hand (in my mind's eye), he walked me through the most beautiful countryside I had ever seen. I knew without a doubt where we were. I looked at my grandpa and was amazed at how youthful and strong he was. He then led me across a bridge and I was totally aware of all the animals that were there. I saw Chief, the first dog ever in my life, that was grandpa's baby, he came bounding over to greet me. Next came my old black cat, Blackie, with two good eyes and the most gorgeous black coat I've ever seen. He wound himself around my ankles as he used to do when I was little, till I reached down to pet him. I turned to look at my grandpa with tears in my eyes. He knew how happy I was, not only to see my old friends, but for him too.

We walked and walked, but I don't ever remember being tired. No words crossed our lips. Then it seemed like something changed. Not a bad change, just something a little out of sequence. Something made me turn and look at where we came from. There! Right next to that tall tree! I saw something moving and had to find out what it was. I walked quickly in the direction we had come from, knowing even if I was alone, nothing would hurt me. When I got to where I thought I had seen something moving, I looked around, but saw nothing. Being the curious person I am, I walked along the edge of the woods and then went further in. There among the tall trees and bushes, sat the most forlorn looking little cat I had ever seen. Something made me think it didn't belong here, among all the happy animals, yet. I slowly walked toward it and it threw itself at me, purring madly! I gently picked it up, to see a wafer thin ginger tabby with dirty white paws and bib, shivering with cold and happiness.

As I picked up the little cat, I realized I wasn't with my grandpa any longer or in heaven or Rainbow Bridge, for that matter. I was picking up a half grown ginger tabby who someone had dumped in front of our home and was literally starving to death. Granted, parts of this story are fictitious, but the little cat resides in my home with seven other girls and her name is Puff. She is now very much alive and well and has turned into a gorgeous young lady. If humans could make an effort to save and/or at least feed a starving animal or make sure it had a home, I truly believe we could make a difference. They offer unconditional love and are a wonderful support system.

A short story written by
Cheri Petitt
April 13, 2009

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Starr- (Rainbow- Bridge)~PAWS- ~

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Here's the lastest of Meowma's writings. This one's about one of my earth siblings. Enjoy!


Has anyone ever tried to figure out the meaning, the real meaning, of beauty? With animals, I don't think it means much. On the other hand, with humans? It seems to mean a great deal to some. Beauty can and does mean a great deal of things. For instance, the color and look of a flower, or the sky, or even a leaf. But has anyone ever placed the word beauty with, say, a three legged dog or cat? Or maybe a one eyed cat? How about a blind dog or cat? No, sadly, I don't think many associate beauty with any of these, except maybe the humans that own them.

I know of several blind cats and their owners that love them. I have a one-eyed cat that I love very dearly and is just as beautiful to me as any of my cats. She is the sweetest girl I have. She will fall all over herself trying to get in my lap or just lay beside me, purring strongly and kneading my leg. To me, she's one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. She may have only one eye, but in many ways it becomes her. She is one of the sisters (that I still have) to Starr, my handsome Bridge kitty. I will write of her sister Blaze at a later date, but she is also with me.

Little Blaze has a character all her own. She sees as well with one eye as most cats do with two. She plays normally and loves the feather on a string! She's extremely quick too. When she looks at me with that one big round eye, my heart just melts and I'm so glad she is with me! She's the sweetest and gentlest natured cat I have ever had. It doesn't matter that she is "different" from the other furs. It doesn't matter that she'll never be "fully sighted". She is Beauty to me! She is an extra special part of our family and always will be.

L is for the love she shows every day.
I is for the intuitiveness she uses.
T is for the total love she shows daily.
T is for the time she spends with me.
L is for the loving heart she has.
E is for the extra special looks she gives.

B is for the brave attitude she displays.
L is for the light in her single eye.
A is for the anticipation of play daily.
Z is for the zippy way she runs through the house.
E is for the eternal love she will always have from me.

A short story written by
Cheri Petitt
April 16, 2009

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A lovely, gentle story Miss Starr.hug

Mom says she knows many more beautiful animals than humans.

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A small furry dog steps up to the rippling clear water, he laps slowly and gazes around. He sees fields of lush green fields and wonderful clear rivers, he also sees all the different animals, from foxes to hares and cats and dogs right down to guinea pigs and mice, they all were wearing wings oh so white and feathery, they were young and happy and in harmony. The dog asked with a puzzled look, where am I? What is this wonderful place, a ginger cat, vaguely familiar comes rubbing up, this my doggy friend is a place called the rainbow bridge, we are in no pain and free to roam, just look around so peacful and serene, the small furry dog whimpered, but wears my master? I miss her so, I want to frolic with her, the ginger cat replied oh, you cannot play with your owner but you can watch over her, on the other side of the owner, when the time is right, you and I and all close and dear shall meet with the ones you loved and be together for ever, after all love is eternal.