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For ever in my- heart
Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 3:25am PST 
I've been thinking alot lately. When our loved pets go we are filled with sadness, the question is what are we sad for? Are we sad for the years, months, days or weeks they've filled us with? Are we sad for not seeing those loving deep eyes any more? The thing is love is eternal it never dies, it might change forms but it lives on. On those dark days look into the star at night and you'll see that one star burning extra bright in the sky. When you really need them they are by your side. There heaven is simply to be with us, their friends, when we miss them we do everything we can to remember them whether it's drawing them, writing about them or talking to them, all these things they love. They are our soul mates are they not? A soul mate can see with in you, they now every detail about you and just adore us. After I lost Monty I didn't come to terms with it at first but then the pain sunk in, now the pain still lingers but there is also happiness, the happiness knowing he was loved and cared for, the happiness he wasn't in pain and one picture that's important is it shows he's always here for me, your opinions? Oh in case you can't see the circle in the seat I believe is Monty.The picture

Happiness is- having the love- of a dog
Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 11:25am PST 
When Ranger passed away mom swore when she looked at a certain table cloth just right she could see his face outline in 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9