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Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 2:21am PST 
Here's my first contribution to the group. It's a purrem I wrote.

Outside my Window by Daisy Mae Sunday Times

The grass that never seems to green
The plants that look like they'll never grow
The bird bath that only serves to water one or two birds
The dirty sill of brick with it's cobwebs and grime
The funny little bugs that up the window might climb
This is what you might see out my window, it's true
But what I see is my Meowmie come home to me

You may- approach.
Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 6:28am PST 
Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 7:13pm PST 
My meowmie and uncle Jon just made up this little rhyme fur my cousin Wednesday. I loved it so much I had to share it. He calls her kittle so Meowmie put that in. I think that's cute.

For Wednesday

Twinkle twinkle kittle cat, how I wonder where you're at
Reach up little paws so high with eyes twinkling toward the sky
Little stars like fishes lie on the blanket of the sky
chase them with your little paws until the night is no more
(c)Blue Coyote and Jon Russell 3-24-08

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Luvs to Cheer
Barked: Sun Apr 26, '09 4:41am PST 
Those are great and adorable poems!!applauseapplauseapplause

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Barked: Tue May 5, '09 3:40pm PST 
balloons Love that poem for Wednesday! It's great to have a group where such good things can be posted, I'm sure you're sharing it with other groups, hope so! I'm hoping more 'Top Terrier' members will join. They had a great Valentine's Day poem contest and had some mighty fine stuff.
Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Barked: Wed May 6, '09 1:25am PST 
Grandmeowmie is reading us this book called The Silver Pencil and the main character goes to the Bay of Fundee and the two women who live in a house on the hill told her how they always have white cats and once had 7. So Meowmie and I looked at each other and just had to write a purrem about 7 white kitties.

7 white cats
like those of St. Ives
marching back and forth
under the summer sky
up the hill from Fundee
and down to the shore again
leaving little paw prints
in the golden sand
in their mouths they carried
little fishes that they caught
each day the same progression
each day their prize they sought
and up the hill from Fundee
7 white cats walk

Daisy Mae Sunday Times 5-5-09

Rub My Belly - Rub My Belly!!!
Barked: Wed May 6, '09 7:03am PST 
Paws up - Woof Woof!!!!

Ginger- 1995/2009

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Barked: Wed May 6, '09 11:09am PST 
Those are great poems.applause Mom & me really loved reading them.
Luv Ginger & momapplauseapplause
Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Barked: Thu May 21, '09 12:23am PST 
Meowmie recently found this purrem in a file. It was inspired by a story Auntie Ellen told Meowmie. Mew see she works for a charity that collects clothes and toys and what not fur foster kids. One in a while they hold a fair kinda thing in which the kids get to win fake money. Everyone ends up with same amount and they came buy clothes or toys with the fake money. Now this little girl who had a furry hard life and was furry shy and timid was looking at a purty dress that was like what many little Mexican girls around here wear to church. A princess dress. Someone asked her if she wanted to try it on and she was hesitant and scared too. Finally she did and she looked in a mirror and started to cry. The woman asked what was wrong and the little girl said I'm a princess. That story really touched Meowmie and she started thinking ok well what would a rescued kitty feel like when they got their furst collar. I know I felt like a princess.

I am a princess
but don't dismiss me just yet
just take a look
at the collar around my neck
I never had one before
I was hurt and abused
no act came from love
no kindness answered my mews
till a kind hand rescued me
and this collar's to show
that I have love to know
and the watch grow
So a princess I am
for the love I've been given

(C) Blue Coyote 10-24-08