Stop the Pit Bull Bans!


Puppy Power
Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 3:40pm PST 
This site is pretty good if you're wondering about breed discrimination legislations that could affect you if you own a Pit Bull. If you have time, take a browse. I saw bills for New Mexico, Gallipolis Ohio, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Montana to name a few that want to ban or put very strick limitations on Pit Bull ownership

Barked: Sat Aug 1, '09 7:47pm PST 
Plus believe it or not go to, they are in court in every state and nationally about BSL, they are very against it. I know that they are not the best organiztion to deal with, I certainly don't agree with a lot of their rules and other groups they deal with, but their a large and very vocal group nationally, let's use them.happy dance