Birthdays, Adoption Days, Anniversary/Bridge Crossing Days

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Angel Nikki

Brandy III is my- husband forever- now.
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 7:06pm PST 
We want to celebrate or honor you on those very special days throughout the year that mean so very much to you. The days like your Birthday, the day you were adopted into your new forever and loving home, your wedding anniversary and your Bridge crossing anniversary day. Please let us know the date of each of these events so we can put them on our group calendar and remember them with you.hug
Pappi *Angel- in Heaven*

Momma's- Angel
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 7:15pm PST 
I was born September 8, 2003 and went to the bridge September 8, 2007 little angel

How nice to get to share our special dates with everyoneway to go
Angel Nikki

Brandy III is my- husband forever- now.
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 7:28pm PST 
My Birthday is October 24 and I was born in 1998.

I was Married to Brandy III on October 11, 2008 cloud 9


i am the queen- of the house
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 7:29pm PST 
oh yeaii thanks Nikki

my burfday is coming up

i will be 2

on APRIL 5th partyparty

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 7:42pm PST 
Mine's coming up too!!!
Birthday April 3, 2008
Adoption day August 30, 2008

I am the King in- this Pack!
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 8:39pm PST 
Well my birfday is TOMORROW!! March 31st!! I was born in 2006, came to live here when I was 9months old, my first family decided a pupster was too much for them with a 9wk old baby, and 3 other kids under 7yrs old!! I was named Santino Bucheli, coming from a great Italian family the Bucheli's......they did call me Sonny! So my new Mom Debbie kept the name since I did all ready know that name! I do respond quite often to "Bucheli" Mom says that sounds so cute!! lol......
Sonny, aka Boo, Sonny Bunny, Bucheli, Sonny Boy Stone, to name a few!!
♥- Dayzee- ♥

I got THE- power!! Jesus.
Barked: Tue Mar 31, '09 5:12am PST 
wave My Birthday is Feb 4, 2007
My adoption day is.....April 1st *giggles* 2007 applause snoopy
TedEbear In- Lღving- Memory

Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 4:51am PST 
TessaSue and I, (TedEbear ) were born on Friday the 13th, September, 2002.
My crossing day is May 25th 2006little angel
Rumble/aka- arooroo

I AM a Snoop
Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 1:15pm PST 
wavewaveMy Birthday is coming up I will be 2 on April 14thbig grinbig grin
Peanut AKA- Mrs. Bogey

Mrs.- Bogey
Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 1:20pm PST 
wavewaveMy Birthday is July 15th and I will be 7 years old
I was married to the wonderful Bogey on Oct 20, 2007
cloud 9cloud 9
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