Can you help me figure out Maggie's breed?

Maggie Mae

Barked: Fri Mar 20, '09 1:27pm PST 
Ok, here's a short story for your entertainment, then I will get to my question.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine went to the grocery store. It was a beautiful day (the first nice day of the year), so she put the top down on her car. She left the top down and went into the store. When she came back out, she had a dog carrier with two little puppies in it in the backseat!

The next day she took the pups to the vet. He told her they were 6 weeks old, and shepard mixes. He just didn't know what they were mixed with.

She kept Max, and I got Maggie. I took Maggie to my vet for her shots, general checkup, etc. While there, I had asked the vet what she thought Maggie was. She is obviously a Shepard, but I was curious about a possible beagle mix, because she has very tiny paws and legs, and floopy ears. Her coloring is also a little darker for a Shep.

The vet told me that she has never heard of such a mix (and ok I do have a hard time figuring out the mating aspect there), but I know it is possible.

So, I guess my question is, can someone please look at the pics of Maggie and tell me what you think? I put up two so far, and will post more as I get them.