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You may- approach.
Barked: Sat Mar 14, '09 9:25am PST 
Ricky Duncan!big laughbig laughbig laugh

Everything Is A- Chew Toy
Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 7:17am PST 
pulling this thread up to the top for our new pup palswave

Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 7:44am PST 
I am a white boxer and one fact about boxers is that they wiggle and do what is called the Kidney Bean. We are a fun breed for sure.


Puppy Power
Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 3:56pm PST 
I'm a Bully Pit Bull. My breed originated in Great Britain as bull baiters and when that was outlawed, we moved to North America where we became pit fighters. Pit fighting is against the law too and since the 1970's some breeders started breeding us for size: big heads, muscular bodies, and temperament.happy dance

silly girl
Barked: Sat Apr 4, '09 8:18am PST 
Hi I am an American Bulldog I am a silly girl that loves to play ,play ,play, kiss, kiss, kiss and cuddle,cuddle and cuddle some more blue dog

Everything Is A- Chew Toy
Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 6:14pm PST 
pulling this thread up to the top for our new pup palswave

Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 7:13pm PST 
were american pit bull terrier

we are very obedient and love our family

Gracie Doodle- One Half Poodle
Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 8:05pm PST 
I am an F1 GoldenDoodle and I don't shed. I am very smart, sweet, silly, have a sense of humor, lovable, and athletic. I am not a hyper dog and love people and other dogs. I am not an Alpha dog at all.

Where's the- water?
Barked: Fri Apr 10, '09 4:51pm PST 
I am a Golden Retriever. I am hyper, energetic, lyal, and I was born to cahse and retrieve birds. Of course, I also enjoy chasing and retrieving squirrels, frogs, opossums, etc. I luuuvvvv water!dog


I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Thu Apr 16, '09 10:21am PST 
I'm an Alaskan Klee Kai. We're smaller dogs that physically resemble the Siberian Husky, but we're actually quite different. We are bred from the Husky along with other dogs, not bred down from (runt to runt). We have a very different temperament than our bigger cousins, being that we are reserved and wary around strangers.

There aren't a lot of us around - the AKK database just has 1500 of us in the entire world!
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