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Her motto is
Barked: Thu Aug 4, '11 10:20am PST 
speak for your self wheezie. I am constantly on guard around here. You never know when a trespasser may show up in my yard. welcome
♥ Otis ♥

Barked: Sat Aug 6, '11 11:28am PST 
wavebig hug Hi, Every Fur! Nice to meet everyone! So glad to be a Member here! Where would I get a Membership Card, I am sorry If I missed
where to get it somewhere....!

Otis ♥
big hughi5dog walkhamster dancehappy dance
♥Whee- zer♥

It\\\\\\\'s all- about me
Barked: Sat Aug 6, '11 6:07pm PST 
We can get you one, jes gib us a couple ob days...then..right back atcha

and thanks fur joining!


Barked: Sun Aug 7, '11 7:19am PST 
I'm sooooo pugsited to be back home on Dogster & SPP! (waves & blows kisses)
I'm sowry I been away so longs. I loves & missed eberyone soz muvh! (pulls out hankie & wipes eyes)

Her motto is
Barked: Sun Aug 7, '11 11:39am PST 
Leia, don't cry you dear little thing. We missed you and we are glad you're back. We know it musta been your mom's fault that you were gone so long --- they just aren't reliable.

Born to be a- Princess
Barked: Sun Aug 7, '11 2:53pm PST 
wave Leia

We missed you so much!!
Lady Sophie- of the Great- Hunt

The Baby!
Barked: Sun Aug 7, '11 3:10pm PST 
wave Otis we gonna hab to search around for da printing presses and find where we left da template for da membership cards. Opens door to back room of the printing shop and is instantly ingulfed in a pile of clutter that comes spilling out. shock Pokes little paw up through the pile of stuff and waves it around. Helps!!!thinking

Hi Leiawave

Her motto is
Barked: Mon Aug 8, '11 3:00pm PST 
Sophie, keep your chin up --- I'll help. But I really mean keep your chin up so I can see you. [piloux packs her little bag with rope and life-saving equipment and a few snacks just in case]
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