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Pappi *Angel- in Heaven*

Momma's- Angel
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 10:18am PST 
No worries I will just have to fly down and tell daddy we need more money to buy enough tickets so we will win something big laugh Guess I should whisper in his ear while hes sleeping.

*Daddy give mommy money for capser....give mommy money for casper" We will let you know if it works.way to go

Angel Kisses,
Daisy Mae
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 11:47am PST 
Oh boy thank you so much!! Mommy hopes to win something and this was a nice surprise!!

POM Tree :)
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 8:12pm PST 
Wow, thank you so much, I didn't expect that!cheer

Sara, NPC,- PDPC

Sara -- the holy terrier
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 9:51pm PST 
We just purchased two $5.00 tickets!

Angel Nikki

Brandy III is my- husband forever- now.
Barked: Mon Mar 16, '09 8:52am PST 
happy dancehappy dance THANK YOU SARA happy dancehappy dance

Good Luck on the drawing and Thanks so much for your support.
Every dollar counts. It all adds up and before long we will have Casper in there for his heart operation.cheercheercheer

Every one of you are Angels for Casper and we all appreciate each and every one that has supported him in every way. Words can not express our grattitude. hughughughug
Daisy Mae
Barked: Tue Mar 17, '09 11:54am PST 
Ok then.
We just sent in $15.00 to try and win the frame.
Please don't tell daddy! We stole the change from his bowl!!
Brittany- "Bee"

Napping is- GOOD...
Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 9:30am PST 
We just bought a raffle ticket. Mommy says her luck has to get better this month. She just got a call about Daddy's car- needs a new engine practically! I like his car. It smells like muffins...

And thanks to everyone who purchased something from Mommy's store. We sent $8.60 from this weeks sales. And I dug in the couch cushions and found the $1.40 to even it out. Go Casper!!!

Mommy's stores

10% of sales on any of these sites goes straight to Casper!
Woof, Brittany

Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 11:43am PST 
Thanks Bee so furry much for the ongoing support and donations to Casper!!hug We are so close to making goal, I can feel it! snoopy

If we all pull on that rope real hard over the next few days we may just be able to pull that operation over to our side! way to go I know our hands are getting tired of pulling in this tug of war, but I just know we can do it!!

Thanks to all that have helped, will help and continue to help pull on this tough rope!! Maybe I should just run over to the other side and give that operation a bump!! naughty LOL.... I might be little but I am tough!! So don't think your donation may be too small cause it's sure BIG to us!! Remember the $3 SPECIAL raffle! if you win you get 2 $10 gift cards, one to Target and one to Bath & Body Works!! happy dance

Gotta run, Dad just got home and I gotta give him kisses and see if I can get some money for more tickets!!

Ruv & Kisses hug

Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 10:17pm PST 
hug thank u Britney Beehug

you are just pawsome for doing what you and your mama are doing

thank you so much for all your helpcloud 9
Joi Joi

Spreading a- little joy- around
Barked: Sat Mar 21, '09 9:07pm PST 
happy danceHey everyfur, we still have lots of Raffle tickets for sale and lots of nice gifts to win. Dad just told us girls that we could get a few more tickets ourselves so we are going to sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow what tickets we are going to get.
Come on, give us some more competition. Only one week left to get your tickets. blue dogblue dog
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