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Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 10:29am PST 
awwww, Pappi we so appreciate you!! Words cannot express how my heart is feeling right now!!
Ruv & kisses

Born to- Fish....Forced- to Work
Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 10:36am PST 
We would like to donate $20.00, we will send a check!

Hope you get well Casper!

Rocky, Duchess, Lucy

Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 12:08pm PST 
thank u Rocky
i will tell tessa so you can get a raffle ticket for your kind donationhug

Sassie - 1992-2009

Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 9:55pm PST 
wave Boy howdy Bailey, if I was still down there with all of you, I'd be begging Mom for one of those sweaters! They are beautiful. little angel

Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 11:02pm PST 
Hi guys,

This is Hoss' mom. When we first got Hoss at 8 weeks old he was diagnosed with a heart murmur. When we took him back to the vet for his first annual they couldn't hear it anymore. We thought he had outgrown it, which I guess is common. His second annual, it wasn't there either. About 3 weeks ago I took him in because he was limping, while there I asked the Dr to listen to his heart because I'd had him out in the snow a few days before and he started coughing. He did listen and told me he had a murmur. INSTANT PAIN for me. cry You all know how you would feel. He said there wasn't anything to worry about, that it was a grade/stage 2. I went home devastated. I started reading, as much as time allowed, everything I could get my hands on, to learn about this condition.

In this last 3 weeks, I've closely following Casper and his friends, sometimes desperate pleas for help. I look at my Hoss man, and I think OMG in heaven, what if that were me and my baby. And know there was help out there, and not be able to get that help. It hurts my heart so bad for Casper's mom. She is a wonderful mama to little Casper. She could have so easily given up, even the first time. It has been so hard on her AND her baby. I remember the first time, little Casper getting her up in the night to potty the gallons of water he was drinking. She was so torn up worrying about him, the stress of not having the money to get his surgery, and wondering if he was going to make it until the funds were there. There are probably a lot of what if's?, woulda, shoulda, coulda's, but the bottom line is Casper is going to die without our help.

A lot of you have given a lot monetarily, a lot emotionally, and a lot of support with prayers and empathy. Some have given out of abundance and some have given like the widows mite. Like Pappi's dad, my husband and I run our own truck, unlike Pappi's dad, we haven't had to pay any $600 tow bills ..............LATELY. I've read your posts and see your hearts and how much you have given until it hurts, AND how much it hurts you that you can't give more. I know how hard and uncertain times are, but that is all the more reason we should rally around Casper. Tomorrow it may be one of us.

What my pups and I would like to do is to match any $2.50 donation with our $2.50. Now you have given $5.00. See how a little can grow? In this way, we will match up to $50.00. See now we've given $100.00!!!! AND just as a little side bar, you have now qualified for a $5.00 raffle ticket. And unfortunately I hear the odds of winning are pretty good. But together lets change that.

ALL of you mean more to us than you will ever know. Your love, compassion and caring is without comparison.hughughughughughughug

Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Sat Mar 7, '09 7:34am PST 
*Casper's Mom here*
it's funny that you mentioned a routine check to the vet changed your life... well the same thing goes for me before the 1st operation on sept 30th, i took Casper to the vet to get fixed he was only 6 months old... after dropping him off and getting back home.... i got a phone call that i surely was not expecting. They told me please come and pick up Casper... and i asked "why?" , but didn't get a answer.
when i got there they didn't know what the problem was but told me that he has a heart murmur grade 5 (for any of you who know about heart murmurs grade 5 is extremely bad), but due to the fact that the vet was rude to me, and unwilling to answer any questions how i can help him, and she also told me to put him to sleep... because to get him operated on costs to much money, and if it was her dog, she would rather put him down then spend the money....

they could not fix him because if they were to put him down, without knowledge on heart problems, he could have died on the operating table...

i left out of there in shock that day, and clueless... i came home digging for answers clues as to how it could have happen to me?
i took him to 3 other vets (including my vet) so they can give me a second, third and fourth oppinion.... and they were all very close...

no one has told me it was a grade 5, but i did hear 1 say it was a grade 3, the other 2 vets (including mine) said it was a grade 4.

now with a murmur so high you need to know what's causing it, and how to take care of your dog so he can live a LONG HAPPY LIFE.
with that said i had my vet call in a specialist and did a EKG (also known as a ultrasound) on his heart, with that they would be able to determine what's wrong...

when i left him at the vet that morning of the ekg, i was not expecting anything bad, i never knew it could be what it was....

when i got called back, the vet told me he's got PULMONIC STENOSIS, and it's not just pulmonic stenosis that he can live with, he's got SEVERE PULMONIC STENOSIS.

his exact words were (i will not forget this till i die) " wow you hit the lotto, i have not seen this heart disease since i went to veterinary university 25 years ago, it's so rare.... it's like hitting the lotto"

luckily he was kind enough to answer every question, things he didn't know he went and found out for me, and then in return turned me in the right direction.

the bottom line is just like HOSS'S MOM SAID, you don't know how it feels until it touches your life, then you freak out and try to do anything to prevent heart failure..

i've heard comments from people who don't know nothing about the disease that Casper has... wow poor dog, maybe you should just let him die and not suffer....

well i have a good answer to all those who have said that, you see Casper is not suffering, he is not aware how sick he is, he does not know why he get tired faster than everyone else, he does not know why he needs to take yucky medication 2 times a day, he does not know why he drinks more water than everyone else, and does not know why he has a potty issue more than everyone else, he does not know why by the time 10pm comes, he's so tired and does not want to know the world... he just wants to sleep, he also does not know why he's the only one who wakes up super early... and it makes him sad that everyone turns him away at those hours.

HE DOES NOT KNOW HE SICK and that his heart is not well, because he's not feeling the severe pain yet.

You see i caught the heart problem early enough in his life to save him, to let him have a normal life, to let him have a long life,
there are pets out there with pulmonic stenosis, after a successful operation they live a longer life then some who have a normal heart.

that is why i'm keeping the FIGHT, and i'm doing everything in my power i can to save my little Casper.

thank you HOSS'S MOM for sharing your thoughts and your story
we love you and hoss and all the furry babies very much, thank you for your continuous support.

for all those who want to see a visual on pulmonic stenosis here are some photos

pulmonic stenosis and normal heart

ekg of a normal heart (it does not look swollen because it has proper blood flow)

a severe pulmonic stenosis heart ekg (you see this heart looks almost as if it's pregnant, because of lack of blood flow from the puliminary valve)


Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Sat Mar 7, '09 9:39am PST 
hug i also wanted to thank you for putting out a matching challenge hug

it is really kind and generous of you to want to match someone because every penny and dollar add's up... cloud 9
Brittany- "Bee"

Napping is- GOOD...
Barked: Sat Mar 7, '09 12:22pm PST 
I think anyone who has ever had a sick dog understands your pain. Especially a dog so young. Brittany's brother (not by blood) was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma when he was 3 and a half. We took him to the leading oncologist in the country (she happened by luck to be in our area) and she said he was the youngest patient she had treated with this cancer. He was so young and full of life. You CAN"T just put them down. They are like your children and you feel like you owe it to them to do everything in your power. We spent all of our savings and I took a second job to pay for his treatment. He lived 1 year and month with treatment (they said without treatment the prognosis is 6 weeks at most). So I totally GET why you want to save Casper. Brittany and I wish you luck with the fund raising and much love. We want Casper to live to be an old dog laying around in the sun.... happy dance

I'm a Dancing- Machine!
Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 3:09pm PST 
Brittany Bee & Hoss, I want to thank you so much for sharing stories with us....... hearing all of that just makes my Mom Debbie and the rest of us "The Furtastic 5 MichiGANG, even more determined to keep trying to get Casper's story out to more people that may also help lend a hand or paw to help too! way to go
Both of you have been super generous in helping, hug and we so appreciate it.....our HEARTS are filled with ruv for you and ALL furs that have helped in any way!! Even if unable to donate financially, the thoughts and prayers said and sent are worth millions!!cloud 9
With our furever ruv for all of you!
Mia, Tessa, Sonny, Cassie & Cody!! & of course Mom hug
Joi Joi

Spreading a- little joy- around
Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 4:33pm PST 
Thank you Hoss and mom for your matching challenge. I think we are the first to take you up on it. We have sent in our $2.50 each for a raffle ticket. One ticket for each of us. Nikki, Lacey, Joi Joi and Angel Brandy.
This is such a cool offer and it is so easy to do.
Come on furs this is a painless and easy way to help Casper and get a raffle ticket too. Just $2.50 and you have a $5.00 raffle ticket and a good chance to win a dogblue dogblue dog
SO MANY PRIZES TO WIN partypartypartyparty
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