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Woo Woo!
Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 9:07pm PST 
I bought a $10 raffle ticket. wave
Angel Nikki

Brandy III is my- husband forever- now.
Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 10:05am PST 
Thank you so much Yukiko for buying a raffle ticket and supporting Casper. cheercheercheer Every one sold puts us that much closer to Casper getting his life saving surgery.
We love you guys, you are all so great.
Hugs and kisses of thanks
Nikki and the girls

Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 1:00pm PST 
wave Yukiko, I just pawmailed you with your ticket number!! Thanks so furry much for helping Casper!!

Good luck!!
Ruv & grateful kisses

♥Valent- ino♥

Mama's Baby Boy
Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 4:45pm PST 
Hi everyone! This is unbelievable all the stuff being donated for Casper!!!

I donated $20. Please enter me in the drawing for the "skully tee and matching doggie vest"

I also donated another $21.50 in behalf of Etsy orders from:

$10.00 Brodie # 690517
$11.50 Tessa # 121303

Please see that they the credit for those donation and get entered into raffles for their kindness!!!!applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 11:02pm PST 
applause Boy sometimes you just can't outgive goodness. I think mom read to me somewhere if you give it will come back to you shaken together and pressed down and running over. Well it just keeps coming back!hail

Mom went and got me and Hoss a sock monkey from Valentino's Moms Knitty Krissy place. It is soooo cute. She won't let us have it though until she can get a "before" picture. Does that mean there is going to be an "after" picture?big laugh Then we find out we get more chances to win, just because mom got us a monkey.

So anyway Miss Tessa with the nother donation funds of $10. we wanna ticket for the $25 gift card from Petco. We know the perfect pooches to give it to. dancing

I'm the Dude
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 5:38am PST 
Mom bought me 2 - $10 tickets!


Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 6:10am PST 
Hiya Perry!! We want to thank you so much for your donation!!
We just sent your Mom the ticket numbers for your 2 $10 raffle tickets!!
Good Luck and thanksway to go again!!
Ruv & kisses
♥Valent- ino♥

Mama's Baby Boy
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 9:52am PST 
Ooops! Mama messed up!

Her didn't know that if you buy something from Etsy with donations going to Casper that doesn't get included in the raffle.

Her feels bad and hopes she didn't cause any troublescry

So that was a one time exception

I am da Boss
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 10:09am PST 
We sent $20 via Paypal ~ We would like to enter to win the Coach purse! wave

Sorry it couldn't be more but with five furs and Daddy's business slowing down due to the economy - we are tightening the belts around here.

Thanks, guys!

We love you, Casper! big grin


Is today agility- day??
Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 11:47am PST 
Hi everyfur! I have my first sweater donation ready!
dog sweater
I'm going to try to get a few more done prior to the auction, sizes XS, S, and M, so the winners can have the choice of their proper size. I'll give more details closer to auction day when I know what I have available.
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