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Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Tue Mar 31, '09 6:50pm PST 
Back to typing again!! sorry Mom had her Honorary Grandson today cause he had half day of school, and has been trying to get in touch with the winners and furs that donated to get them hooked up with one another! way to go Lots of winners, and lots of prizes! cheer

$15 Ticket group WINNERS! That were not there LIVE or have not yet been notified!

Item #2) Schnooks

Item #3) Hunter 755397

Item #9) Cosmo2


Item #3) Valentino !

and last but not least just to let ya know that the winner of the SPECIAL $3 ticket Raffle was

PAPPI little angel and his angel wings brought his Mommy a lot of luck that night, they won a few prizes!!

Remember if you have WON a prizecheer Paweeese pmail me your information, so I can make sure I get you and the fur that donated hooked up to get your prize to you! way to go

Have to say one more time! Thank you from the tip of my ears to the tip of my tail to all of you that helped make this fundraiser such a success hug No matter what part you played, whether sent prayers, positive thoughts, donated items for the raffle, donated $1.00 or $100.00+ you were part of this TEAM and my favorite saying is that there is no "I" in TEAM, we needed each and every one of you!hug
I have never been so proud to be on a TEAM like I have with all of you! Your TEAM spirit glowed brightly throughout the whole time!! Even you Angel Furs, sending down rays of light from the Heavens, showing me and others how to make this work for Casper & his family! Who could ever imagine that some furs and their families could accomplish this goal? I COULD, because there is nothing better in this world than furs and the families that love and have compassion for them!
With our undying gratitude, we applaud you all applause
We Love You !
hug Mom Debbie hug Tessa hug Mia hug Sonny hug Cassie hug Cody

Help shelter- dogs @-
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 12:47am PST 
Those were very lovely & true comments from Tessa & her pack! My family is amazed with this group & the pups on Dogster. cloud 9

Thank you for telling us about the prizes we won. We were so excited! snoopy

A lot of generous pups donated great things & their time. Thank you. hail

We sent our instructions regarding the gift card directly to Hoss & his mom. way to go

We love all you pups! little angel

Hi Casper cutie! wave

Schnooksie & Family hug

Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 9:35am PST 

Kudos to Schnooks. She and her family, very generously gave her gift certificate to Casper and family. That was a wonderful surprise for Casper's mom.

We love you Schnooksiehughughughughughug


Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 9:59am PST 
cheer OMD cheer How wunderful of Schnooks to do that hail for Casper and his familydancing Schnooks & Mom told me that they contacted you Hoss about the gift card, little did I know shrug that they were doing this wonderful thing!! What a furtastic surprise!! happy dance

Mom is trying to call Casper's Mom and tell her to come read the message, we will not spill the beans!! big laugh

Just proves over and over again what a wonderful group of furends we belong to!! hamster dance puppy hamster dance kitty hamster dance

Ruv & hug

Help shelter- dogs @-
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 10:12am PST 
Well, we had planned to do it all along if we glad it worked out! snoopy

We're so glad Casper is doing well & wanted to give him & his family a treat! laugh out loud
Peanut AKA- Mrs. Bogey

Mrs.- Bogey
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 10:15am PST 
my mommy is in tears right now.........we just got our pmail from Tessa so mommy said I could come look at what I won. She was so in hopes it was the bracelet. She was gonna ask if there were any left and Yes she will wear it very proudly to remember Darci.hughughughug

Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 3:43pm PST 
DEAR Schnooks & FAMILY!! WE COULD NOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! hailhailhailhailhailhail that was very sweet and generous of you

mommy said it was like a blessing because we (all 5 pommies) needed some winter jackets really bad..... and this could have not come at a more perfect time

thank you so much! hughughughug

you should have seen my mom she was like a Kid in a Candy store when she saw the news!!!

thank you so so so so so so so VERY MUCH!!!!hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance
Brittany- "Bee"

Napping is- GOOD...
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 5:35pm PST 
Snooks, that was sooooo sweet! You're my hero...
XOXO, Brittany
Brittany- "Bee"

Napping is- GOOD...
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 5:36pm PST 
Sorry- Schnooks!

Help shelter- dogs @-
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 11:32pm PST 
That's OK Brittany Bee, my grammie calls me "Snooks" all of the time!

Casper, we are glad you & your furlings are getting winter will look so cute! Little doggies have to stay warm.

We love this group because everyfur is so giving. It feels like home.

cloud 9 cloud 9cloud 9 cloud 9cloud 9 cloud 9cloud 9 cloud 9cloud 9 cloud 9

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