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Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Fri Feb 20, '09 3:30pm PST 
Okay wave all you furs here goes!!
Tickets are ON SALE NOW! applause until March 27th and the drawing will be Sunday March 29th
The raffle will be in 4 different raffle ticket price groups!

The $5 & $10 Tickets will be pulled random in each of those groups at a chance of winning one of the wonderful prizes listed for each ticket you purchase! IN THESE GROUPS YOU DO NOT GET TO REQUEST THE ITEM THAT YOUR TICKET IS PUT IN FOR, THUS GIVING YOU MANY MORE CHANCES OF WINNING A PRIZE!

The $15 and $20 Tickets. With these tickets you DO HAVE the choice of which item you would like the chance to win. Hope you are following methinking ! any questions you can pawmail me!!

*some of these items will have pics posted soon, just trying to get the list out there and get the ticket sales going*

To purchase your tickets, P MAIL ME FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, upon receipt of the money, Casper's Mom will let me know and I will pawmail you your ticket numbers! Only myself, Nikki,her Mom Barbara & my Mom Debbie will know who has what ticket number!! The night of the drawing Kasia (Casper's Mom) & Casper will do the drawing, she will only have ticket numbers, which she will call out LIVE on the link that she has set up! You can then come here to the thread and announce if you are a winner and enter your ticket number then! You may also be able to post if you are a winner on the LIVE broadcast! Those not able to watch LIVE that evening we will post after that in this thread who won what!!
So good luck to all and let's get started buying tickets! blue dog

*donated by*
B&BW = Bath & Body Works


1) Choice of either Dog shirt(male) or Christmas shirt sml *Kasia & Lucky 5*

2) 7.30z boxed "Winter" scented B&BWCandle
* Tessa # 121303* value $16.50

3) Kid's Penquin Backpack B&BW *Mia 121177* value $20

4) Beautiful no-sew blanket w/paw prints *Dayzee# 519632 & Mom* Value $10.00 (see pic pg 2)

5) B&BW Tree candle & Evergreen room spray *Sonny 464037* Value $15

6) B&BW Aromatherapy Mandarin Lime Shower/Foaming Bath Gel & gauze sponge *Cody 938780* Value $19

7) B&BW Travel size, Toe the line foot scrub, shea it isn't so foot cream & Blk Raspberry Vanilla Hand Cream *Mia 121177* Value $24

8) Avon Spiceberry Shower gel & lotion *Tessa 121303* Value $12

9) B&BW Small Pumpkin Pie Paradise 3-n-1 bath wash gift set *Deb Tessa's Mom* Value $12.50

10) B&BW 2oz splash, gel, lotion Rainkissed Leaves and Spiced Cider room spray *guess who* Value $15

11) B&BW Misc trial sizes & antibac hand lotion *Cassie 921532* Value $17

12) B&BW Scentportable (for car,closet etc), & misc travel size items and antibac hand gel *The Furtastic 5 MichiGANG*

13) Your choice of item (excluding $99 painting) from Esty site *Valentino #571464 & Mom*

14) Handmade knitted Pupster Sweater for small dog *Bailey #882248 & Mom Amanda. (Pic on page 3 of this thread) Value $15

15) Another Handmade knitted Pupster Sweater for small dog *Bailey #882248 & Mom Amanda. (Pic on page 3 of this thread) Value $15

16) Handmade Heart Shaped magnet with photo of your choice inserted. *Sara NPC & Mom Bobbe* Value $15

17) Another handmade heart shaped magnet with photo of your choice inserted. *Sara NPC & Mom Bobbe* Value $15

18) Gift bag, ESA Oatmeal soaps (6 small bars) *Kasha* & Handmade Angel & Hearts bracelet *Debbie, in memory of daughter Darsi 1972-2005* SEE PICS PAGE 9

19) Gift bag, PorticoSpa products, facial bars, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body bar soaps *Kasha* & Handmade Angel & Hearts bracelet *Debbie, in memory of daughter Darsi 1972-2005*

20) Gift bag, Crabtree & Evelyn "LaSource" Spa products, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, lotion, shower gel, bar soap & shower cap*Kasha* & Handmade Angel & Hearts bracelet *Debbie, in memory of daughter Darsi 1972-2005* SEE PICS PAGE 9

21) Magazine subscription your choice (see page 4 Pappi's post)
*Pappi 410622 & Mom Sarah* Value: Knowledge is PRICELESS! way to go



1) $25 PetSmart Gift Card *Lola Belle & T Bear*

2) Tastefully Simple Yummy Box of Products *Tessa #121303 & Mom Debbie* Value $25

3) $25 Petco Gift Card *Foxy*

4) $20 gift card *Diesel*

5) $20 Value winner choice at Flecken's Flea Market *Jazmine & Mia#574824*

6) Lrg Bed Pad (will enter pic) 40 x 27 1/2 *Dayzee # 519632 & Mom* Value $30 SEE PIC PAGE 2

7) Tote & travel sizes Cherry Blossom B&BW 4pc set *Tessa & Mia* Value $24

8) B&BW Wallflower starter & refills (plug in scent diffuser) *Cassie & Cody* Value $25

9) Tastefully Simple "Sweets for You" Butter Rum Caramels & Vanilla Caramels 1 lb total *Sonny 464037* Value $25.00

10) $25 gift certificate towards homemade treats picked by you! *Cosmo2 & Mom Stacey* (sounds like my idea of a great giftway to go )

11) B&BW Aromatherapy Gift Set, Black Currant Vanilla scent, set includes 8oz Sensual Luxury Bath, 4oz body lotion, loofah wash srubby, and a 4oz Pillow Mist (makes your pillows and sheets smell wunderful) *Tessa #121303* Value $30.00 cloud 9


$15 TICKET GROUP: You pick which one you want a chance of winning for each $15 ticket.

1) $50 Bath & Body Works Gift Card *The Furtastic 5 MichiGANG*

2) $50 gift card to *Hoss in Memory of Sassie*

3) Handmade Blanket 42 x 33.5 *Dayzee # 519632 & Mom* Value $35 SEE PIC PAGE #2

4) B&BW Midnight "Pom"egranate Perfume, Warming Oil to Cream Body Wash, Hand Cream & room spray **The Furtastic 5 MichiGANG* Value $42

(5) Counseled Furkid Training-Which includes (4) emailed counsels for problems or training issues. Value $50 *Bridget #814973 & Mom* Value $50

6) Girls reversible Blanket 40 x 60 Pink Panther (see Nikki's posting page 2 of this thread for pics) *Emma # 658660 & Mom Dena*

7) Boys reversible Blanket 40 x 60 (see Nikki's posting PAGE #2 in this thread for pics) *Emma # 658660 & Mom Dena*

8) Movie Basket Filled with yummy snacks for fur & furless! & a $30 Blockbuster giftcard *Callie #827588 & Mom Cynthia Page* Value $45

9) Doggie Treat & Toy Basket *Nikki, Lacey, Joi Joi & Mom Barbara* Value $40 (see pics PAGE #2 posted in this thread by Nikki)

10) Snuggle sack,
*Jazmine & Gibbon #238846* Value $35

11) cheer TN Teriffic Treat & Toy Basket. ALSO Includes picture frame, and special Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers book for the furless
*Lily #852920 & Cooper #938067* Value $50 (see pics 2 posted by Nikki, PAGE #6 )

12) Beautiful Handmade 12 x 12 Scrapbooking Photo Album, in a pupster print! *Cosmo2 & Mom Stacey* (3 Pics posted, page 9)Value $45

13) 7 inch Nextar Digital Photo Frame *Anonymous* Value $50

14) Large Gift Bag, PorticoSpa, Crabtree & Evelyn. and ESA Oatmeal Soap bars. *Kasha* & Handmade Angel & Hearts bracelet *Debbie, in memory of daughter Darsi 1972-2005* (SEE PICS POSTED Page 9)



1) Faux Coach Designer Purse (see pics on Nikki's posting PAGE #2) Value $120.00
* The Lucky 5 & Mom Kasia*

2)Faux Coach Designer Wallet (see pics on Nikki's posting PAGE #2) Value $60
* The Lucky 5 & Mom Kasia*

3) Ladies longsleeve "Skully" T and pupster matching reversible Dog Vest (See Nikki's posting PAGE #2 FOR PICS) Winner can choose size! Will come in gift box too, w/dog bone, cookie & pooh bags shh So can keep for yourself or have sent as a gift from you! *Brittany "Bee" and Mom* Value $63


is this not an exciting bunch of wonderful prizes! cheer Sorry for some info being missing but wanted to get this posted way to go Will try and get all the Dogster ID #'s for each donator too! We want to thank you all for donating these wunderful things hail hug hail hug

Remember, if you have questions paweese pawmail me!! Also contact me if I have posted your name incorrectly or anything else! I will get it changed asap! wink

So, thinking who's buying the first Ticket??? hamster dance

NEW SPECIAL RAFFLE NOW ADDED!! For just a $3 donation you can get a special ticket number for a chance at 2, YES 2 TWO gift cards! One $10 Target gift card donated by Callie #827588 & a $10 Bath & Body Works gift card donated by my fursis Mia #121177, she pulled seniority rank on me since she is oldest and first to arrive to our furfamily way to go So get those $3 donations in NOW!! cheer happy dance cheer REMEMBER you can donate direct to the hospital for Casper or pawmail me!!

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Saphira, CGC

Happy Girl
Barked: Fri Feb 20, '09 3:57pm PST 
I am buying the first ticket!!!!

For my $25.00 donation I would like to enter a ticket for:
1) PetSmart Gift Card
2) Petco Gift Card

Good Luck Everyone!

God Bless You, Casper!!!!


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Dynamite Dapple- Doxie
Barked: Fri Feb 20, '09 4:41pm PST 
I'd like a chance on the PetSmart gift card for my Mom's donation...maybe if she wins, she'll buy me a new toy.


Barked: Fri Feb 20, '09 8:40pm PST 
wave For our $24.50 donation for the price of 5 value meals, (I've since found out Mom didn't mean we were all going to get a value meal)
Mom laughed at me over that. big laugh No Brodie, that doesn't mean you get to eat!

Anyway we would like to enter to win the $50 B&BW certificate.

Did we do that right?shrug

Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 4:46am PST 
wave Yes, Brodie you did it right!! Thank you so very much for your donation! I will be sending you your ticket number in a pawmail!
Good Luck!! hug


Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 5:07am PST 
Brodie Brodie!! thinking For the donation you made you have enough to get TWO (2) $5 tickets also!! Well close enough, 9.50 left over after the purchase of a $15 dollar raffle ticket!! I had to count on my toes to come up with that! laugh out loud
So I will also be p-mailing ya those ticket numbers!!
red face sorry I did not catch that the first time, we had just got up and I had not had my morning "treat" yet! big laugh

Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 9:42am PST 
We've sent our $15 donation to Casper's mom and we would like to enter to win the $50 gift card to!! snoopy

~Copper, Ziggy & Mom

Pick Me Up! Pick- Me Up!
Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 9:45am PST 
Geez Brodie, I was still not thinking correctly! You could get either 2-$5 tickets or 1 $10 for the balance!! guess I am thinking more clearly now since I have had my morning biscuit, and a romp out in the snow that is falling at a great rate right now!eek
Paweese let me know! If you want to change the two $5 ticket numbers in for one $10 ????
sorry shrug I have no idea why I am having so much trouble thinking thinking this morning!!


Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 8:41pm PST 
hamster dancehamster danceyeai this will be fun

I'm a Dancing- Machine!
Barked: Sun Feb 22, '09 3:57pm PST 
happy dance I wanna buy raffle ticketshappy dance I wanna buy raffle tickets!! I "begged" and did a dance and got $40 from my Dad so I could buy 2 $20 raffle tickets to go in for chances to win the Faux Coach Purse for my Mom!cheer All ready sent my payment in for it and followed the rules! Tessa would be proud of meway to go I included my Dogster ID too!
So come on all your furs buy a ticket too!! You can even buy a $5 one, for a chance at winning some really neat prizes!blue dog
Ruv, hug & Kisses
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