What are you doing?

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Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
Barked: Sat May 9, '09 6:33pm PST 
It is 6:30 p.m. in CA
Good Luck Doolin', I know you'll do good at the meet.

I'm sittin' next to Mom, staring at her. I can hear the race cars and I know it is time to get down there. Hurry up Mom! I need to greet all my friends, they anxious to see me.
big grin

Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 9:17am PST 
I'm snoozin' in my bed by Mom's desk. I have decided my bed is a better place than the floor under Mom's chair.
Mom a little worried 'cause I have been coughing more than usual the last few days. I have always had a cough when I drink water or get excited. The Dr. not much help on that and says not to worry about it. Mom seriously considering new Dr.
Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Tue May 12, '09 2:25pm PST 
We are taking a break after coming back inside. But we're going out after the new's is over. The weather is beautiful. Might get storm's tonigh and Wednesday. Frodo we hope you'll be ok. puppy

Alexandria- (Sweetest- Angel)

Running Devil
Barked: Wed May 13, '09 11:40am PST 
waiting for the rain to let up so we can go potty. dog

Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
Barked: Thu May 14, '09 11:49am PST 
I'm snoozin' in my bed, tryin' to keep a low profile today 'cause I heard Mom say somethin" about the

Little- Grasshopper
Barked: Thu May 14, '09 1:03pm PST 
I like going to the groomer's. She's a very nice older lady. We are going out back in a few. snoopy

Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
Barked: Tue May 19, '09 3:02pm PST 
It's 2:45 p.m. in Placerville CA
I am snoozing on the floor in a spot of sunlight...

Little- Grasshopper
Barked: Tue May 19, '09 4:12pm PST 
I'm napping on some pillow's on the floor. snoopy

The- Flying Bichon-
Barked: Wed May 20, '09 7:28pm PST 
It is 1025PM in New Hampshire and I am passed out after a hard agility class. My instructors favorite dog died late last week and I think it made her feel better to be mean to usbig laughbig laughbig laugh She worked us hard.
I am sad that Clark is no longer with us.crycry I think I will continue to sleep and have dream of Clark soaring over jumps and playing with frisbees.cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

Knot Head
Barked: Thu May 21, '09 3:49pm PST 
It's 6hi50 here in Indiana. We are resting cause we were out back a lot. Our Temp's got up into the 80's. puppy
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