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Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 3:18am PST 
Mom is wondering ...do you think dogs get depressed??shrug or is that an emotion we put on them ??Do you notice certain behaviors in your dog or dogs that you relate to human emotionthinking

Moms girl...
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Mom thinks I am depressed...I have been moping around with my toefrown I can not do a thing!! Mom feels so guilty when she goes for her run without me...that may be my faultshrug I might be crying and whining up a storm...and dad tells her I sit in the front window moaning...yes that is the word he used!! Mom does not know what to do....she said no running till the doctor says it is ok. Today she ran on the treadmill so I could keep her company...I seem to be ok with that but wanted to get on it the moment mom got off....to which I received a big fat sorry about your luck shock However I was quickly distracted a moment later when she handed out treats. Mom is thinking she is going to stick to the treadmill till I get better and of course pacifying me with treats.way to go

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yes i think that do just like us cuz heres my thoughts mom had a bully and she had pups she sat on one after so noticeed she was crying real tear big one i cryed with her it was and she run as fast as she could to tell us something was wrong she ran back to her puppy and pocked with her nose so daddy gave the puppy mouth to mouth and the puppy came back to life she stopped crying and licked daddy to death she would just started rubbing her head on daddy leg so the doggies are just like us with the fellings way to go

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Mom says yes. Buddy and Dino both display emotions. You can tell when they are happy or sad. You can tell when they are not feeling well, when they want to play or just want to nap!smile
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America, dat was so wonderful about saving da puppy. Mom loves da stories wif happy endings like dat one.

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I can't say for sure if Coco has ever experienced bouts of depression --- it's possible she has, but it just never occurred to me that this is what could have been going on ... hrmm.

Here's what the 'experts' say:
Like humans, dogs do occasionally suffer from bouts of depression. They get mopey, lethargic, stop eating, and drink only minimal amounts of water, stop wanting to play, and even lose drastic amounts of weight.

What can cause this in pets? Grief, change of scenery, or sometimes it is a chemical imbalance, needing medication to correct it. Even the weather can adversely affect a normally happy dog. Or your health.

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I am not sure..I don't think I have ever seen any of my dogs in this kind of situation. ...
I am sure they do get depressed though, I have heard of this