Flyers in 1st!


Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 9:22pm PST 
Our Fly-boys are burning up the ice! And Cater's league leading goal scoring is barktastic! Let's hope they keep it up. GO FLYERS! cheer
Atticus- Finch- CGCღ

The Cuteness- of Atticus Finch-
Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 3:21pm PST 
Wouldn't a sweep be nice. Phillies, Flyers and EAGLES!!!!!!!

(I'm not a big basketball fan. So I have no idea how the 76ers are doing. BOL)

Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 7:16pm PST 
I'm not into baskeball either Attie, but I felt bad leaving them out - BOL!