January 11th QOTD...


Moms girl...
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 8:55am PST 
Ok how many of your mom and or dads belong to other social networks...like myspace,facebook orTwitter?? If so how do you feel about these sites??

Moms girl...
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 8:58am PST 
Here is the deal...mom just joined Twitter cause Boo's mom sent her an invitered face however mom does not really know how to navigate through the space or what the deal is...so she is seeking help???!!!!big grinred face Plus she got some follower she is not sure she even knows?shrug She also just signed up on facebook...again no idea what she is doing?? shrugred face So who out there is familiar and uses these types of sites?? and any pointersway to go
Spike In- Loving- Memory

Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 10:24am PST 
So far Mom has avoided those sites. Dogster is the first one she's done anything on and it keeps her more than busy. She would also be interested to know just what you do on those sites, are they like dogster but just for people?

I"m not much help am Ishrug


Daddy's Girl
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 1:31pm PST 
My momma is with Spike's mom on this one. She stays away from those other sites, she says all she has time for is me & my paw brother so she does her best to keep up with this group. She's also not very technological so sorry we aren't much help here either!! blue dog

Sqeaky Toys- beware!
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 7:58pm PST 
Oh poor Riley and her mom...hehe...
Mom doesn't know nuthin either..so heres is the scoopy...
My moms tech guy (the one that does her website for her business) said that the more social networks she is on the more her webpage shows up....SO mom joined Myspace, but rarely goes there ...then this networking woman (Pets are Talking), who is also on pdxdog.com told mom she should got to Twitter.com because many businesses go there, since this lady joined her business as taken an uptick in business...
Well lets me tell you whut...Twitter doesn't make sense to mom either...she gets on there and tells people whut she is doing ...she has gotten people all over following her...mainly dog businesses..so she is happy AND she is happy your mom joined...you know HA HA..dis is funny but there is PUG mom here on Dogster that found you on Twitter last night and started following you she is GEE43...she is on Face Book too
WHICH mom joined about four days ago and its crazy cuz all DOGSTER MOMS are on there!!!!!!!
We are going to go find your mom Riley right now...
Boo runs off

Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 3:16am PST 
Boowave Mom found you guys and Brutie's mom and sent a friend requestway to go She did not find Coco and Carla howevercry Mom is under Melani Andres....real original huhshrug laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud