2009 ★ ABC's of Famous Names★ *GAME


I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 1:36pm PST 
shock Oh My Doogies I saw Axel Rose Today!

WooHoo Guns & Roses big laugh

Rock On! laugh out loud

*** Ready for some ★ Star Quality Fun ★ ***

the 2009 ★ ABC's of Famous Names★ *GAME

★ Full of Red Carpet Action (Could Be Today)
★ Full of Stars (Cause You Are Here & Some on the Way)
★ Full of Fun (Cause ★ PLANET PAWLLYWOOD★" Knows How to Play!)

happy dance

Lets Play

Easy Easy to Play.. Not So Easy to Win! dancing

PLAYED Much like the other ABC's Games.. But a few Twists to make it Tougher to Claim the Ultimate Bragging Rights.. Who Has the Biggest, The Bestest Celebrity Posse

1) Played like All ABC's Games..

2) The First person to post: Search Dogster & Caster for dogster or catster members that HAVE Famous Names starting with letter "A"..
(Real or Fictional) & Send them an Invite to ★ PLANET PAWLLYWOOD★"
(If they are allready members Make a note of it-But keep searching for one that's not) Once you find and invite one

3) Be The First person to post: Posts a Name of a dogster or catster member that starts with letter "A"..

4)Then the Next Posting member will have to find and invite a dogster/catster member with a Famous Name starting with the Letter "B"
The Next With Letter "B", etc etc
***Members in the same family can Play one after the other, but must wait for 1 member from another family to play before they start again***

Sounds like a Fancy way to get more members huh?
Not at all-We Gots Some of the greatest Members on Dogster all ready.. It's a fun way to play a game with a Unique Twist and still Introduce New Dogster/Catster Members to The Fun in "★ PLANET PAWLLYWOOD★"

****SO WHAT NEXT****
5) Build Your ★ A-List ★.. or should i say ABC List laugh out loud
Watch the New Members List on All Fur Fun Home Page-We will also watch it and try to assist, but it is ultimately your responsibility to watch for you ★Stars ★ If one of your Stars Arrives, you can Add Them to your ★ A-List ★..
Help Each other out.. if you see a Celebrity Name Join.. Post it here so we can all help see who's Invites Joined

Example Post: Say i invited Axel Rose, i Posted Axel here in the Game thread, Axel Joined, i was the first to Get a Letter "A" Star

I Would Post:
Rascal's ★ A-List ★..
A= Axel Rose
Axel Rose

B =
C =
D =
E =
F =
G =
H =
I =
J =
K =
L =
M =
N =
O =
P =
Q =
R =
S =
T =
U =
V =
W =
X =
Y =
Z =

***Then I would check and see what Letter is next and Try to Keep adding to my ★ A-B-C List ★..

★★★ applause WINNING THE GAME applause ★★★

Be the First to Fill up every Letter on your ★ A-B-C List ★ & Win

As we are seeing if the Game Rocks and is Popular - the First Round Prizes Will Be
First To Finish - 25 Zealies & a Star
Next 5 Top Players - Rosettes

Ok.. what ya think.. Ready for some Star Action!

Frequent asked Questions

***What if someone beats me to a Letter
Keep your Name.. you will still have a chance to use it later in the game - you may not get to post it this time, but when that letter comes back around.. maybe you will be able to post it first

**Cool Ideas
Go on a celebrity search
Make a list of Names and ID #'s in advance, so what ever Letter is up, you are ready to post one..

If you Need help learning how to find doggies & kitties, just post here, anyone of us will help


The Dogster/Catster member must have a ★ Famous Names

Either Real or Fictional applause

You Must Invite them to "★ PLANET PAWLLYWOOD★"

Post Who You Invited

Move On to the Next Letter

**The Ones that Join - can then be added to your ★ A-B-C List ★

The First to fill up their List is the Winner

Last-We'll give it a try and as long as there are a few Families Playing we will continue it..

A=Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker

http://www.dogster .com/dogs/396947

Orphan Annie
Orphan Annie

Could Be Alf, Annie Hall, Adam Sandler or even Ashton Kutcher

I'm In.. I See Real ★ Quality Picture ideas in the Future of your ★ A-B-C Lists ★ way to go

I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 1:38pm PST 
I'll Get Us Started blue dog

shock Oh My Doogies I saw Axel Rose Today!
i invited Him to ★ PLANET PAWLLYWOOD★

A=Axel Rose
Axel Rose

Let's Boogie
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 1:39pm PST 
shock Oh My Doogies I saw Beetle Bailey Today!
i invited Him to ★partyLANET PAWLLYWOOD★
B=Beetle Bailey
Beetle Bailey