2009 ★PLANET PAWLLYWOOD★ Music Trivia


I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 9:54am PST 
Welcome to the...

★ PLANET HOLLYWOOD ★ Music Trivia Game!

Think you know music? You know who the 2 Elvis' are? How about what Guitarist started out with the Lawrence Welk Band? Or....Van Halen has had 3 Lead singers....who were they? thinking Ooooh! Ooooh! I know, I know! big laugh

Have we got a Game for you! applause

Here's how it works...

I'll start by posting a Music Trivia Question. Next person answers and posts the next question. If ya don't know the answer, no need to stall the game, just say you're stumped and post another question! Simple!

Here's you first Question....

Who's The Lead Singer of the Who?

Good Luck! dancing

Everything - belongs to me
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 4:52pm PST 
I know I know
Roger Daltrey!

hamster dance

Harley The Black- Nose Reindeer!!
Barked: Fri Jan 16, '09 4:01pm PST 
Maggie you forgot to post a question??confusedthinking


Everything - belongs to me
Barked: Fri Jan 16, '09 4:51pm PST 
OH my bad? Ok ummm...

Who sang da song :
(70's rock n roll)

Cold As Ice