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One whole day seizure freeway to go cheercheer

Yesterday we all saw the post of Important information...Mom once read of a dog that lost its tongue...from playing with a ball that had a hole in it...it formed some kind of suction and well actually now that I type this. I believe it was part of the dogs tongue...So lets hear if your moms know anything about bad toys or treats...lets share what we know so we can all avoid them. way to go

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Mom thought of this story because we actually had one of these pimple balls...that is what they are called...this company did recall the toy.
Here is the article mom goggled it this morning...

http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2008/08/29/2008-08 -29_dog_loses_tongue_to_chew_toy.html
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No, never had heard of it till now. The link was dead but I goggled and found the story. Read it all to the end and sadly saw how in 2005 a dog had to be pts but the company went right on making the ball. Nice. I don't know anything anymore I'm so confused and upset. I still am not over what I read about Trace yesterday dying from a 'safe' treat. Poor Brutus is not going to get any new toys or food I can see. I am starting to distrust these big companies who seem to have our dogs best interest in mind. I don't think so. It's scary with all the food recalls the past year or so. Recalls on treats. Now toys. I guess I'll be sticking with a good old tennis ball or maybe I'll just give up all my shoes LOL!


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we dont know of any

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me dont know of any .

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laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud When Lucas was a baby he had one of my old shoes...a smelly old sneaker!!eek He loved it!!!

It is scary...all I can say is stick with the tried and trued...no new stuff. I get the same things I have been buying since Lucas was a baby. Do not get me wrong I have tried new stuff now and again. Or the kids have gotten presents of stuff I have not tried. I have goggled stuff I had no idea about just to make sure...or Dennis has just taken it away from them confused
However all that being said I bought that pimple ball for them and one for my moms dog Jeter. Boy did I almost have heart failure reading that article for the first time as Riley was playing with it right next to me. I got right up and tossed it away while dialing my mothers number at the same time!! red face

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we only know what we see on here...
basically we feed the kids the same stuff...I don't really try those chicken strip things because from day one, all I ever hear is bad stuff...as far as toys..the only thing I am able to give the teeth are rope toys...anything else is gone in 5 minutes flat