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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 3:16am PST 
Do you sense when something is a bit off in your house or with a family member? thinkingthinking

Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 3:20am PST 
I ask this because Logan and I seem to know when Lucas is going to have a seizure...He had another one this morning and mom noticed Logan and I acting a bit off with Lucas....sniffing him before it happened maybe 15 min before and hovering around himshrugshrugthen after when everyone settled back down and she thought about it...we did this yesterday as well...and it was Logan and I who alerted mom when Lucas started seizing yesterday...Logan let out this weird bark and I ran to mom frantically...shrugshrug

When I say they were sniffing him...this is not all that odd...it is how they do it...they seem to survey his whole body up and down very intently shrug
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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 7:51am PST 
This is terrible, I'm so sorry this is happening to Lucas.

No I have never noticed this type of behavior among my dogs when one of them is sick. I do have a GS now who is old and has problems. The other dogs seem to know this, how I'm not sure. I have noticed Brutus sniffing my son's dog and vice versa but that is something all dogs do when they are new to each other. That's amazing that Logan and Riley alert you like that.

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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 12:15pm PST 
I am not sure any of my dogs would do this.
I do know there are therapy dogs that are used just for this...in humans that is...so it would only be right if they did with their own kind

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Haven't noticed it with the dogs so much but we had a cat once that was always standoffish and didn't like anyone other than my husband. One day a friend of his came to visit. I noticed that he had lost a lot of weight but he never said anything was wrong. That cat sat beside him the whole time he was in the house and we even commented that it was so unusual for Tobias to do that. A few weeks later we heard that friend had cancer and he passed away not long after. We are sure that Tobias could sense he was very ill. Animals senses are amazing!

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I've always believed animals were amazing creatures. I'm not surprised Riley and Logan sensed something was wrong with Lucas, but I'm sure it still would have blown me away to witness it. I know when I developed an infection in my foot after surgery, Coco used to sniff the area and try to lick it.

Again, my prayers are with all of you, Melani!!!