December 31st QOTD....


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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 6:15am PST 
wave Today is our last question of 2008 hamster dancehamster dance

Anyhoo mom leaves Animal Planet on for us during the day when she is not home. Well dad usually comes home on lunch to let us out or mom does....well dad asked mom have you ever watched some of those shows?? Mom said not told her he thinks someone of them are hard to watch and he did not think it was such a great idea to leave it have any of you guys watched some of these shows?? What are your thoughts??

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 6:20am PST 
Mom doesn't leave the TV on...she says there is enough diversion with eight of us in the house...four of us being under two years...whatever...hmphnaughty

Mom does watch all the animal patrol ones, Houston, Florida, Chicago and is sad but raises awareness and most times things turn out..
She doesn't like some of the weirder ones like animal attacks where they play the scene over and over and over and she didn't catch the first one...lets bury it into our brains...confused

Moms girl...
Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 6:20am PST 
Dad told mom he was traumatized watching a show...and he thought it would upset us to hear itthinking It got mom to thinking maybe he was rightshrug so yesterday she left it on all day while she was home...and sure enough mom was just horrified and so sad watching the shows..animal cops and I forget the name of the other one. So no more animal planet for us....just a radio will be left thought it was the stuff dogie night mares our made of...although it is eye opening to how horrible people can be!! Also how resilient dogs can be and just what they are capable of over coming. It is impossible to watch and not tear up.

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 1:10pm PST 
Yeah, I agree. Some of those shows are so sad. I know exactly how Rye's dad feels. Last year when all the Vick stuff was going on, HBO had some kind of 'special' on where half way thru they show a pit being put to sleep at the vets. The focus was how humane it is but still, it made me sick and put this unrealistic fear in me. I can't explain it except to say I have a steady fear all the time because I know if Brutus makes a 'mistake', it's his last. Anyways.... I usually leave a comedy channel on when I'm at work......

Daddy's Girl
Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 5:21pm PST 
Mom & Dad watches the Humane cops sometimes but nothing really else on that channel, mom says some stuffs too sad. Like Boo's mom .. we don't want to watch another animal being attacked. Sometimes my dad watches it and mom takes me & my paw brother in another room. We don't wants nightmares!! frown Mostly mom & dad are home.. mom works days & dad works from like 3- 11pm so we are usualy only home a few hours between when dad leaves and mom gets home. We gets the radio though if it's going to be more than a couple hours blue dog

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 6:50pm PST 
My mom watches the Animal Cops shows and It's Me or The Dog on Animal Planet --- that's about it. She tried watching Untamed and Uncut one time, but it was tooo much!! Whenever she watches any of the Animal Cops shows, she sits there asking herself (out loud) ... "Why do I watch these shows because I get upset each and every time??!!!" Yes, the happy endings are awesome, but it's getting there that drives my mother crazy. She actually thought about looking into becoming a Humane Society Officer. She thinks she might be too old, though.

She has looked into the Dog Sitter DVDs to leave on while she's out, but a couple of them received bad reviews. So, until she finds something else, she will continue to leave the jazz station on while she's gone.
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We don't get left alone very much and there's a lot of us so nothing gets left on. But when da pawrents is home the TV is on all the time. Usually Fox News or HgTv. Daddy wont watch any of the shows where some animal is killing another or where it shows abuse and stuff. Mom about cried her eyes out after she got to watching that Meerkat manor and then Flower got bit by a cobra and died. Mom said never again was she going to watch those shows.