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Moms girl...
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 4:42am PST 
In your area do you have or see allot of lost or maybe even homeless dogs wandering around??cry

Moms girl...
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We moved to Indiana almost a year ago...since we have been here mom has personally ran after or picked up at least 5 dogs. When we lived in NY, I can not remember seeing even one dog wandering around...not one. I did not even think about that till yesterday when I saw yet another pup wandering around by its self..I tried to get him to come to me...but he growled at me and was not trusting at made me sad. I called animal control and followed him in the car till they showed up...a hour later confused
Dad found a lost pup here as well and took him to work and had animal control pick him up at his office. He was a bully and dad loved him!! Dad said he was the sweetest guy and it is a good thing we have a three dog limit here....or he would of been coming home with him. It just seems to be a real problem here...whether it is pups just running loose or homeless I do not know...but it is concerningconfused
Angel Buddy (Baby Kisses)

Baby Kisses.
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waveI live in NJ and rarely see any homeless pets wandering around.
Once in awhile see a neighbors dog that gets out. If mom sees them, she will get a leash and take them back home. Very lucky to have responsible dog owners in this area.way to go
Riley! Mom says if there wasn't a two dog limit here, we would have more dogs too.big laughbig laughbig laugh


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My mom will see a loose pup every now and then. The last two she saw, she tried to catch, but they ran away. One was sooooo small and in an area where there was a lot of traffic ... she prayed he/she would make it home without getting hit by a car. My mom said if she were in rural Georgia, she would probably see more pups roaming the streets. In some areas, it's just a culture thing to let their dogs roam the streets.
Spike In- Loving- Memory

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Just this last Sun Mom found a dog that someone had dumped down by our mailbox. We live on a dirt road and the dog stayed right around our mailbox all day. Mom took it some food down cause it was very thin. It was friendly and she thought maybe it belonged to one of the neighbors because sometimes there dogs will get loose but it just stayed by our mailbox. Mom called around and everyone said they had seen it there during the day and figured someone just dumped it out. We hate people that dump dogs like that.

Mom fixed a place and brought it up to the house. It is a chocolate lab and instantly wanted to go after Mom's chickens. It caught one but brought it to her still alive. Mom put an add in the paper and she also contacted a neighbor that likes bird dogs to see if he might want her. We took her to the vet today because she had a cut under her leg. He said she was about two and had already been spayed so that's a good thing. Mom has been taking her out in the pasture to run around several times a day and finally got our two outdoor dogs to accept her at least while Mom is outside too. The dog is real sweet but has lots of energy and hunting drive. We already have six dogs and with the whole chicken situation it would be hard to keep her here so we are hoping the neighbor will take her. We don't really have animal control around here. Used to be that one old vet in town would take strays and try to find them homes but he had to retire and now there is no one.

IMO people that dump dogs are the lowest of the low. If Mom hadn't taken this dog in it could easily of been run over or starved and with the weather turning colder all the time it is just terrible to do that to a dog. We can't figure it out either because you could tell she had been somebodies dog at one time and really loves people. Why anyone would do that to her. It's just hard to understand. We are still hopeful that her owner just lost her and will see her in the paper and come get her.

Moms girl...
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Spike...thank goodness for your mom. I agree with her whole heartedly people who dump animals are the lowest of the low. I hope you are able to find a home for your chocolate labbie girl...we will keep our paws crossedhug

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Well thank dog we haven't seen it around here but like Spike we grew up on a farm and at one time my dad thought it would be fun to buy and breed German Short Hair we ended up with 41 was crazy so...people saw all these dogs and then would drop off them at our house...
Now I know this is mean...but back then and with many who lived on (way out there) farms just shot the dogs because there were no shelters or dad had to do that many was horrible ...
Shame on mean ol people shame on idiots!!!!!!
Spike In- Loving- Memory

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That's kind of the way it is here Boo. Stray dogs often get shot because there really isn't any animal control to call to come get them.

Update on Red as we call her. She has gained weight and is a really pretty dog. Mom has introduced her to all of us and she is spending the night for the first time in the garage with Rambo and Lex. Mom felt she was getting along with them enough to let her sleep in there with them now where it is warmer. So far no one has claimed her. Dad asked Mom tonight if she was planning on keeping her. Hmmm....