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thinking How many of you like going to the pet store?? In your area do they have a photo with Santa Paws day?? If so did your mom think this would be a great idea?thinking

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Barked: Sun Dec 7, '08 4:11am PST 
Of course I love going to the pet storeway to go Yes they did have a picture with Santa Paws day...It was yesterdayconfused Ohhhh I went and was of course all excited to go in. Stood in line like a lady with mom,dad and my brothers...played with a nice rottie named Bella. Bella was before me in line and well I watched very interested as she went to see Santashrugshrug she did not look to keen on the ideathinking watched waited...she barked at himshock I immediately went between moms legs and would not budgered facered face oh no I do not think so...who is the guy with the crazy outfit and face covered with white fluffshrug Nope no thank you!! I went to visit the kitties instead...I heard some rude people laughing and saying something about two big girls being afraid of Santa Paws and laughing some more!! HOW RUDE!!! I am not BIG!!!laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

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We do have pet stores around us and the local mall does pet photos.. I am not allowed to go though because I am slightly dog aggressive and I really despise cats. I think this is because I am a rescue dog and spent my younger life (before my wonderful paw parents came into it) running the streets on my own. I love my big dog brother Patches, he is wonderful to me and of course I love all of you snoopy I just don't do well with people I don't know. Riley I don't blame you on being scared though.. not sure if I was allowed to go that I would!


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I really didn't like PetSmart and PetCo at first. There's a little pet food store here called, Red Bandanna (Natural Pet Food Store) that isn't bad because there isn't a whole lot going on. Lots of different scents and stuff, but the atmosphere is totally different from PetSmart and PetCo. I'm used to one PetSmart (because we go there often) --- I don't pull my mom out the door anymore. If she takes me to a different PetSmart or even PetCo (we don't go there enough), my tail is between my legs the entire time frown . My mom went to another place yesterday called Pet Supermarket. She didn't take me, but she thinks I'd like going there because it's not as hectic as PetSmart and PetCo. We have to go return something tomorrow, so maybe she'll take me with her so I can experience it.
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Oh wow, wish we had a store like that where we live. We'd have to go to a bigger town to find one. I'd probably be leary of Santa too but if he talked nice to me I probably would be ok wif him. I did get to go into town to Walmart the other day but I had to sit in the truck while she grabbed a few things. Then she got me a snack at the gas station. I love going for rides but don't know what I'd do if I got to actually go in a store. Hmm, hey Mom, how bouts a twip to da city? I'z missin out here.shrug
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Mom doesn't take us...there is too many of us and if she leaves some and takes others she feels too guilty...
but she knows we wud do fine...maybe Boo would get a little stiff legged at some dogs though...
(She has been doing this of late..not sure why)HMPH