December 5th QOTD....


Moms girl...
Barked: Fri Dec 5, '08 2:08am PST 
confused This is not a pretty many of you are garbage diggersshock....Fess up have you ever gone through the bathroom garbagethinking perhaps the kitchen?? To find a lovely treat...something great like a snotty tissueway to go

Moms girl...
Barked: Fri Dec 5, '08 2:12am PST 
First mom can not prove a thing!! So what is the tissue and Q-tips are spread around the bathroom floor...maybe we have some kind of mouse invaderthinking or I know maybe it was that Lucas getting in touch with his dark side..way to go I am certain however it was not me!!wink just because I had tissue in my mouth means nothing!! I had a running nose and needed a Kleenex!!dancingdancing
Mom how many times do I need to tell you!! Keep the trash can on the back of the toilet and we will not have this problem naughty who cares if it is unsightly naughty
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Barked: Fri Dec 5, '08 8:45am PST 
In the past yes I may have accidently peeked in to the trash to see if there was some sort of morsel for me. But the mother got smart and now the trash is in some kind of box that needs to be opened on top. Yes my mother hides the trash! BOL!


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Barked: Fri Dec 5, '08 3:56pm PST 
... well, sometimes when I'm all alone upstairs, I will check the trash in my mom's office and in the bathroom. she'll come upstairs and find shredded paper towels on the floor. I know I'm an only dog-child, but I didn't do it. It wasn't me ... wink
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Baby Kisses.
Barked: Fri Dec 5, '08 4:40pm PST 
waveHi Everypup!
I accidentally got into the Bathroom Trash the other facered facered face
Mom was like shock, "Buddy what did you do?". I sat looking up at her with my sad eye look and my tail-wagging.
Thankfully, mom's forgiven me for my indescretion. But mom wasn't too happy cleaning up Q-Tips, cotton balls, and tissues up off the floor.
She now has the trash can where I can't reach it. What a bummer!!