Who do u like?????


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Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 6:44pm PST 
What NFL and Collage Football yeams do u like and u con tell about football histroy!!!!!!snoopy

Frist of all I like the Bangals and OSU

Football history Bangals made the frist tie for a LONG time this year I think the last one for NFL was in 2000snoopy
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Barked: Sat Dec 6, '08 2:16pm PST 
Here is our home we have 2 types of fans Daddy is Raiders fan and Mommy is a Bears fan both have been devoted to their teams for over 25 years, no jumping ship just because they are having a bad run and for both of these teams you have more down time than up BOL. But we all stick to our guns here.

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Barked: Sun Dec 7, '08 1:17pm PST 
Me and my family love the Coltscheercheercheer

Go Coltscheercheercheer


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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 4:32pm PST 

Da Boo
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 1:59am PST 
Aloha Buster! wave

It's nice to meet ya! You're a cute Corgi pup too! I like your Christmas decorated page and holiday music.

At my house we root for the Cal Bears and the SF 49ers. Go niners! hamster dance Dad roots for the Stanford Cardinal and NE Patriots. Sometimes game time can be a problem. shrug Oh well, I love football!

What do you think about Chad Johnson officially changing his name to ocho cinco? I think it's really funny. laugh out loud
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Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 9:58pm PST 
I shud have paws up for the BENGALS, a great cat team but me and my red tabbie self lives in San Fran and I'm a rootin' tootin' 49er fantasticat fan! But talk to me about baseball - GO SAN FRAN GIANTS! It's a better ball to chase - hey I'm a cat!

Da Boo
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 6:28pm PST 
Welcome welcome Baci my friend! I'm glad you joined the group! Pawlease join me in the 49er thread - all of our niner supporters are there! cheercheercheer