I am thankful for.....


Lover boy!
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 5:37am PST 
Happy thanksgiving to all my pals.
You guys have been the best to me and mom, with your care and prayers through my surgery and liver problems. We don't know what we would have done without all our pals.
So, I am thankful for all my friends, thanks!hug

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 5:39am PST 
I am thankful for the nice warm blanket dad puts on me at night, when he give us our nite-nite kisses.
I wish I could share my blanket with all the poor doggies out in the cold.
Happy Thanksgivingsmile

I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 8:57am PST 
I am thankful for all the humans who love their furkids with all their hearts.


I'm- cute
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 8:59am PST 
I am thankful for Pug Pals and all the wonderful pals we've made. Thank you Dogster for bringing us all together.

If you throw it,- I will fetch
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 12:39pm PST 
I am thankful for Pug Pals diversity in letting me join and be part of such a caring and wonderful group. The friends I've made here are priceless. cloud 9

Awww...sucky- sucky now
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 12:46pm PST 
I'm VERY, VERY thankful that my good buddy Ming is feeling better! Long-tongued pugs rule!!!!! way to go dancing way to go

And, as always, I'm thankful to be in love and be loved by the beautiful Hana Chan! She is my one true pugaluv! hail

am I a piG in a- PuG?
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 7:01pm PST 
I'm thankful for everything.... having such a good family smile