Cats of Pawsativly Bostylicious Unit!!!

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I lub Sir- Winston!
Barked: Mon Nov 17, '08 4:57pm PST 
how do our kitties become members/shrugshrugshrug

the brains of- the feline mafia
Barked: Mon Nov 17, '08 8:13pm PST 
hi Rosie! this is how we did it:

scroll down to the bottom of the PB page...just below the pictures of the Admins. there should be a few options to click on, and one should say "Add". click on this link. it will then show you all the members of your family. add your kitties and they will be part of PB!!

*buffs his paw and blows on his claws*
Yep!! that's why they call me the brain of the feline mafia!
Bam--The Cat

Barked: Mon Nov 17, '08 9:29pm PST 
Okay Cats! Sorry I havn't been around but mommy's been real busy with moving into her new house and such! BUT!! Here's the Deal! Mommy is going to make PB Kitty Mafia ID Cards! And she will start posting them this weekend! So What I'm gonna do! Is I'm gonna make another thread so Kitties can Specificlly sign up for saidf cards! So I no have to go searching everyday! Okay! So watch out for the sign up! It's going up in a few!

Bam The Mafia Boss!


Time to Shake My- Tail Feathers,- boys!
Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 3:32am PST 
*Belle strolls into the KM headquarters and takes a triple turn around the room checking out all the smokin Toms. What's we gonna do today.... should we kidnap one of those little wizzie kids to stir up the woofs?
Kiki (always- in our- hearts)

Get away from- me, you
Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 9:01am PST 
Belle, you are a very bad cat -- just the kind I like to hang with. Hmm, a wizzie, those dogs are crazy about their wizzies. Which one? Not that Little Herbie -- he's too noisy.
Bam--The Cat

Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 9:40am PST 
Hmmm Hmmmm (Scratches Chin) Which Wizzy which Wizzy...hmmmm...Oh I know....We should wizzynap the littlest one!!! Go to it gang!!

Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 2:11pm PST 
hi everybody! we are so excited to be in a dogster group! our sisters...the pugs..bella and rosie play here all the time!
I am buttercup and my 3 sisters pal,mabel and betsy are here too!
Miss- Tiny-She's- Our Angel- Now-

Leave Me- Alone-I'm- Sleepin'
Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 9:24pm PST 
Hello everykitty, My Pug fambly members are Buford T. Justice, Bambi and Peggy. What a house I live in. I do have another kitty brother named Buddy but da Momma hasn't made him a page yet. (kinda let's you know who's more important doesn't it)

I'm glad to meet you all and loo forward to causin' trouble to da dogs. Hehehehe

I likes to slice- em.. dice em..- eats em!
Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 3:30am PST 
hmmmm..... the little one..... Ive seen her! She very teeeny -- I could gobbles up her in a minisecond....
Polka-dot Sally

go ahead, pick- me up
Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 10:30am PST 
Are you guys talking about Tiny Tara? OMC, that's my sister Lily's Godwizzie. She'll be in here like a rabid hyena if we eat Tiny Tara. And don't forget Dot -- she's TT's Godfatherdog. He's a boxer and though I am not scared OF ANY DOG, he is pretty strong. We can get TT, and play with her, but I suggest we don't eat her. We could dress her up and make her run around and scratch our backs.
Or we get a nice big wizzie, like "Little Chaddy." Chads will go crazy -- after his mom is up and about.
Or KONG -- he would be fun to play with
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