Happy Halloween PWD!!!

Mr. Zuki- DePoops- (RIP)

Until there are- none, adopt one!
Barked: Sun Oct 26, '08 11:32am PST 
Are you gonna dress up like anything? Or do you prefer to bark at the trick or treaters?

We take it pretty mellow here, our apartment is in back so no one hardly comes to visit.

What are you up to?

One step at a- time!
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 8:19pm PST 
I'm going as a lamp. Yup, I'm stuck wearing a lampshade so I don't rip out anymore stitches, so I figured, I'd just go with it.shrug

I get my stitches out from my ACL surgery on Halloween day so that will be my treat.

No trick or treaters at our place either, we live too far from town.

Happy HOWLoween!