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Step by step to make a roller over picture (or hover picture/Link) using photobucket.

1. Go to www.photobucket.com
2. Create an account if you don’t have one already (it’s free and easy).
3. Upload the photo you want to use.
4. It is going to ask you to TAG the photos, do so or click skip this step.
5. Then you’re back in your “photo gallery.” Now under the picture you’ll see a bunch of different “links.” It’ll say E-mail and IM, Direct Link, HTML code, and IMG code.
6. Highlight the Direct Link link and right click and copy (or use Ctrl C).
7. Then go to http://jonradchenko.com/dogster/forumImage.html.
8. In the box beside the word Link, paste the Direct Link to your photo by right clicking and selecting paste (or use Ctrl V)
9. In the Link Description box, type what you want the link to say (ex. Sedona eating).
10. Click the button Create Forum Code.
11. The picture you want to should show up. If it doesn’t you did something wrong.
12. The code that was created will show up in the big box toward the bottom. The box says, “Copy and paste this code to your forum message”
13. Highlight ALL of the code and copy (right click copy or Ctrl C).
14. Go to the Dogster thread that you want to post your picture in.
15. Click the Post Response button and paste the code in the thread (right click paste or Ctrl V)
16. Click the Post Now button.
17. Enjoy your picture!

For those of you who have Dogster/Catster Plus, your photo album works the same way as Photobucket. Copy the direct link to the picture you want to use in you Dogster/Catster Plus Photo Album and follow the steps above.

You can practice in this thread if you like.
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If I am having a chatty day, I just keep a couple of extra tabs open- one to photobucket and one to jonradchenko. It makes it easy and fast to post pics while chatting. Or you could save your codes to a text file and keep that open while you chat.
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thanks Frodo, that is most helpful! Although I admit, I was thinking about links to a vacuum cleaner! smile BOL!

Merry Christmas- and God Bless- Everyone
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I didn't notice the spelling Rudy. Eyes are not what they used to be. laugh out loud
Now that you mentioned it though, I like it and think I will leave it that way. We'll see how many pups catch it.happy dancenaughty

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there is a problem now...
or jonradchehko has apparently quit the hover code process..it is gone!..we always had a direct link and as of this morning,it vanished....

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we doing the happy dance they found it and fix it now we go it backcheercheercheercheercheercheercheer
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Hoover picture and then another nice Hoover picture