Jax-Loves To Be- With His- Friend's On Dog
Barked: Sun Aug 31, '08 8:41pm PST 
We just adopted our Kitten, and named him, "BANDIT"! kitty How could someone throw any animal into the street is beyond me and my family! We hung signs all over and in newspapers too!; But no one called! cry We called our Local Shelter and nothing either!!! frown We wanted to Adopt this Poor Little Sweet Kitten so Badly, but wanted to make sure that the owner , had a chance to get him back first! After a Long Wait of Superious Trying and Prayer's We Fell In LOVE , With This Adorable Sweetie!!! and We Were Finally able to adopt and Name Him, "BANDIT"!!! cheer We are hoping that "BANDIT" gets his Frebreeze Gift Pack as well as so many other's that have not recieved their's yet, either!!! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING , FREBREEZE? ; BY KEEPING YOUR PROMISE AS SO MANY ADOPTEE'S HAVE FOR THESE ANIMAL'S THAT NOW HAVE GREAT PEOPLE AND HOME'S TO LIVE WITH AND IN, AS WE DID!!! wishes YOUR TRUE FRIENDS, & PET LOVER'S!!!; THE LAPP FAMILY, JAX & BANDIT!!! XOXO.....