how do you get the febreez stuff?


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Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 8:23am PST 
how do you get the febreez stuff? I heard if you join, you get some free products. how you I get it? do you know?shrug
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Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 5:35am PST 
You have to have addopted a new pet and go on the main page and there is a big add for Febreze. Fill out the form and hit submit and they will send you the get if they don't run out first. It's a first come first serve deal. But the Collars are free for a limited time, you give them away to you furiends as gifts! hamster dance

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Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 6:35pm PST 
hi effurone,
mama & I haven't received the free kit- so we emailed them and they said some other company is handlin mailin the free kits. They resubmitted our request to the new 'send the gifts company' so hopefully by christmas we'll get the stuff MOL


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Barked: Thu Aug 14, '08 2:08pm PST 
Hi! does rescued cats can be eligible for the free stuff? and we lived in the Philippines is it okay? we really hope we can get the free stuff 'coz it will really help my mom for our needs we really are a big familly of a rescued cats by mom.

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Barked: Fri Aug 15, '08 3:36pm PST 
Id like to know also, i love febreeze~~