August 9th question of the day...


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Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 5:15am PST 
Mom and I were coming back from our run this morning...and we saw all kinds of pups out for their walk...with moms...only one dad did we see out walking with his this is my question who in your house takes care of your puppy needs??? thinking

Moms girl...
Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 5:20am PST 
thinking Lets feeds plays with usthinking mom lets us out...thinking mom wipes our feetthinking mom walks usthinking oh dad does our nails and takes us for our baths cause mom does not like to be the bad guylaugh out loud He also takes us to puppy play does go to puppy play group...however not all the time...she prefers dad to take us in case something happens...she might loose her mind and dad would just take care of she lets him have that laugh out loud you know how some pups owners are...Boo I know for sure you know what I am talking aboutway to go
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Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 9:49am PST 
There's no dad in this house, so its all mumlaugh out loud


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Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 12:23pm PST 
Same here --- it's alllllllll mom --- sometimes grandma --- sometimes my mom's friend, who's a male, but not often. My mom's a SUPERMOM!! BOL!!!!

Moms girl...
Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 3:16pm PST 
hamster dancehamster dance To all the super moms out there hamster dancehamster dance
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Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 6:08pm PST 
Yuppers... it's ALL mommy do this and mommy do that over here too. I do have an older brother that mom pulls out of the wood work now and then if she has too. But mom does all the poop duty, the snack buying, the walking, the rubbing of my tummy, etc.

way to go