Bella Sugar

I'm Hip and Cute- take your pic!
Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 4:27am PST 
With 2 fellow dogs and 1 cat you better believe w/ use nothing but the best and thru trial and error nothing beats Fabreeze w/ Pet Odor Eliminators!
Even though we live on almost 3 acres of land (believe it or not that's a premium in NE Florida) and we all have plenty of room to roam, we often get mischievious and get into things coming in thru the doggie door dragging mud and all sorts of stuff that stinks! This is the only thing that works!
Thank you very much DOGSTER, CATSTER AND FABREEZE for allowing us to get one for each of us! (and believe me it's needed w/ all the dogfood, catfood, and spraying thhat goes on around here).
Thank you very much! snoopy