Another Kit!!!

Fungi, BH

Zoom-Zoom-Zoom- Zoomiiieeesss!!!
Barked: Thu Aug 7, '08 7:54am PST 
Hi, furs!!

There's a post on Plus Informational about another kit being given on a first come, first served basis. It is for pawrents of adopted furs...

Sleeping is sooo- underrated...
Barked: Thu Aug 7, '08 9:42pm PST 
I'm new here...where do you sign up for things like that? This is my first time on a site for my cat! I'm really excited to meet some cat loving people like my family!wave

The stealer of- souls!
Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 10:08am PST 
Yes, how do you find out about these kits? I saw an add for one and that's how I found this site, but it sounds like there are lots of kits out there...and I was wondering how do you guys find out about them?

Lucy Louise

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Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 6:54pm PST 
Well, here's the thread from Catster for you cats out there!

Febreze Free Gift Kit