August 6th Question of the day!!


Moms girl...
Barked: Thu Aug 7, '08 3:53am PST has been seeing allot of rescue groups will not adopt out a pet if you have invisible fence...She has never heard anything bad about them what are your thoughts??... shrug Sorry I got the day Wrong!!red face

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Moms girl...
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To be honest mom has never heard anything bad about invisible fence and in fact had one. When I first got Lucas I had one put in , they came to the house to train him on it...So when Sadie came along and was big enough she got her collar and training as well. I never had any problems with it. I actually put the collar in my hand and went through it to make sure it was not painful...just startling. However I do not use one now Logan is too little and I do not think it would keep Riley we have a privacy fence. I was wondering if any of you have heard anything bad about them? Or what your thoughts are on I said lots of rescues will not place a pup in a home with

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This is new to me....we have heard of invisible fences prolly wouldn't because she knows all of us and the only one it would work on would be Gus.

BTW...I got hit by a car yesterday...cry
Mom took us fur a ride and me n Raven upon racing out the door did not do what we are supposed to do, instead fur the very first time..I ignored her and ran across the street with Raven in is screaming and waving her arms and just then a car came barreling down the jest stood there screaming "stop, stop"..knowing it was the end of me or Raven or both...The driver saw at the last moment and hit the brakes but I still ran into the bumper...just a bit...but mom almost dies right there on the spot...she was so mad at us and of course freaked out...she never shut up the whole way to the store and back about how we cud have died...She said no more...Gus and Wheezer sat down when mom told them to but not me n Ravenconfused
I am grounded...but OK


Moms girl...
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eekBoo!!! OMDhug Thank God you are ok!! Your poor mom must of had heart failure I can only imagine!!hug We are so happy you and Raven are ok..I think it will take your mom longer to recover from this one than you two.. Oh Boo...very naughty!!hughugI glad your ok!!hughug

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OMD BOO!!! My mom and I are soooooo glad you and Raven are okay. I know your mom FREAKED out!! OMD! My mom is sitting here thinking she probably would have passed out right there!!! We are sooooo glad you're okay.

Now, about invisible fences. My mom would probably never use one. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought they might be a little cruel. Just like she wouldn't use shock collers -- she isn't comfortable with the shock stuff at all even if the 'experts' say it doesn't harm us.

I know we've been away and pop in every now and then. My mom has been busy planning my grandma's 80th birthday party and for some reason, she doesn't have the time she used to have to sit down and help me post to the group. We'll be back full force once things calm down smile